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revision 560, Fri Feb 18 14:29:53 2005 UTC revision 561, Fri Feb 18 19:24:43 2005 UTC
# Line 7  Line 7 
7  ScotsSec                Scottish secondary school scores  ScotsSec                Scottish secondary school scores
8  bCrosstab               Create pairwise crosstabulation  bCrosstab               Create pairwise crosstabulation
9  coef<-                  Assign parameters  coef<-                  Assign parameters
 corFactor               Extract the correlation factor  
 corMatrix               Generate the correlation matrix  
10  corrmatrix-class        Class "corrmatrix"  corrmatrix-class        Class "corrmatrix"
11  dCholCMatrix-class      Cholesky Decompositions of dsCMatrix Objects  dCholCMatrix-class      Cholesky Decompositions of dsCMatrix Objects
12  dgBCMatrix-class        Class "dgBCMatrix" Real Sparse Blocked Column  dgBCMatrix-class        Class "dgBCMatrix" Real Sparse Blocked Column
# Line 27  Line 25 
25  expm                    Matrix exponential  expm                    Matrix exponential
26  facmul                  Multiplication by Decomposition Factors  facmul                  Multiplication by Decomposition Factors
27  lu                      Triangular Decomposition of a Square Matrix  lu                      Triangular Decomposition of a Square Matrix
 matrix<-                Assign the matrix  
28  mm                      A sample sparse model matrix  mm                      A sample sparse model matrix
29  norm                    Norm of a Matrix  norm                    Norm of a Matrix
 pdFactor                Square-root factor  
 pdMatrix                Return the positive-definite matrix  
30  pdfactor-class          Factors of positive-definite matrices  pdfactor-class          Factors of positive-definite matrices
31  pdmatrix-class          Positive-definite matrices  pdmatrix-class          Positive-definite matrices
32  rcond                   Estimate the Reciprocal Condition Number  rcond                   Estimate the Reciprocal Condition Number

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