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revision 256, Fri Aug 20 16:27:56 2004 UTC revision 257, Tue Aug 24 02:08:08 2004 UTC
# Line 14  Line 14 
14  expand                  Expand a Decomposition into Factors  expand                  Expand a Decomposition into Factors
15  facmul                  Multiplication by Decomposition Factors  facmul                  Multiplication by Decomposition Factors
16  geMatrix-class          General S4 Matrix class  geMatrix-class          General S4 Matrix class
17    lmeRep-class            lme models representation
18  lu                      Triangular Decomposition of a Square Matrix  lu                      Triangular Decomposition of a Square Matrix
19  matrix<-                Assign the matrix  matrix<-                Assign the matrix
20  mm                      A sample sparse model matrix  mm                      A sample sparse model matrix

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