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revision 561, Fri Feb 18 19:24:43 2005 UTC revision 881, Tue Aug 30 14:37:09 2005 UTC
# Line 35  Line 35 
36  - Clean up vestigial functions (pdFactor, pdMatrix, matrix<-) from the  - Clean up vestigial functions (pdFactor, pdMatrix, matrix<-) from the
37    nlme package.    nlme package.
39    - create a class of permutation matrices for use in expand.  The
40      current expand method for the LU factorization is not complete
41      because it does not provide the permutation.
43    - tcrossprod() now works: C code now "exported" via init.c
45    - FIXME: dtpMatrix(... diag = "U") (i.e., unit-diagonal packed triangular)
46      -----  *does* need 'x' entries for the diagonal but these are never looked at.
47        -> changed doc -- Lapack also says they are not referenced but assumed 1.
50    - in lmer.c check all instances of the use of ZtX and XtX and change
51      them so that having a negative last element of nc means use the
52      response only (but look for it in the right place).

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