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revision 1223, Tue Mar 7 11:06:46 2006 UTC revision 1224, Mon Mar 13 13:05:33 2006 UTC
# Line 91  Line 91 
91    Done(2006-01-03)    Done(2006-01-03)
93  - new("ltTMatrix") now at least prints  - new("ltTMatrix") now at least prints
95    -- Done by version 0.995-1 ---
98    - Migration of lmer from the mer representation to the mer2
99       representation and the use of the CHOLMOD code for the sparse
100       matrix decomposition.  Some of the things that need to be done.
102       - Matrices in the mer2 representation are classed matrices, in the
103       mer representation they were unclassed.  Any parts inside the C
104       code that would access, for example,
105        REAL(GET_SLOT(x, Matrix_RXXSym))
106       need to be modified to access
107        REAL(GET_SLOT(GET_SLOT(x, Matrix_RXXSym), Matrix_xSym))
108       This is especially important for Omega but I think I have done
109       those changes already.
111       - The components named *X* in an mer object refers to an augmented
112       design matrix of p+1 columns.  In the mer2 object there are
113       separate slots for rZy and rXy.  The scalar y'y is the first
114       element of devComp.
116       - Presently nc is of length nf+1 and the last element is n, the
117       number of observations.  This value should be moved to devComp and
118       nc made of length nf.
120       - The slot L is a list of length 1 that contains an ExternalPointer
121       to a cholmod_factor object.  This contains a permutation which is
122       most easily accessible through cholmod_solve(CHOLMOD_P,...) or
123       cholmod_solve(CHOLMOD_Pt,...).  The ZtX, Zty, RZX and rZy slots actually
124       contain P%*%RZX and P%*%rZy

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