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Revision 74 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Apr 1 16:27:34 2009 UTC (9 years, 10 months ago) by wincent
File size: 7510 byte(s)
	* gselect.list has two new argument: width and height.

	* new function of RQDA2tm (contributed by J-P Mueller).
	* add memo of attributes table.

	* Another critical bugfix of CaseAttrFun() and FileAttrFun().
	* View variables of case/file.
	* change version number to 0.1-7.
	* Find a word and highlight it in the open file (via popup menu in File Tab).
	* critical bugfix of CaseAttrFun() and FileAttrFun().
	* fix bug of "add files..." to case popup menu.

	* Add/modify File/Case attributes from popup menu.
	* upgrade databaseversion to "0.1.6" (three tables are added for attributes by UpgradeTables()).
	* Attrs Tab for case/file attributes.
	* fix some minor bugs.

	* Variable/Attributes of Case.
	* Improvement of mark case button.
	* The default order of case is alphabetical,that is sort(case).
	* The default order of codes is alphabetical.
	* minor bug of "Add" buttons.
	* minor modification of OpenProjectButton() to make it more informative.

	* Fix minor bug of "Search File..." of popup menu in File Tab.

	* New function of AddNewFileFun, Add new file from popup menu of file Tab.
	* Fix minor bug of enc().
	* Show files with/without memo only (from popup menu of file tab).
	* Show codes with/without memo only (from popup menu of code tab).

	* Add citation file.
	* Add namespace
	* RQDA-internal.rd is no loner needed (can be found in rev 57 or version 0.1-6)
2008-12-28 (as 0.1.6, submitted to CRAN)
	* RQDA needs gWidgets (>= 0.0-31), gWidgetsRGtk2 (>= 0.0-36). Add it to DESCRIPTION file.
	* Fix minor bugs of "Unmark", "AddTo", and "HL_ALL" buttons.
	* add new content to documentation.html.
	* Fix latex related issue in SearchFiles.rd.
	* Fix bug of C2Info: encoding issue.
	* Add new content to documentation.html.
2008-12-18 (as version 0.1.6RC3)
	* Rename CrossTable to CrossTwo
	* New function of CrossCode

	* Improve the relation function and revise MarkCodeFun accordingly.
	* New function of CrossTable for inter-relationship between codes (The name of it may change in the future).

	* Add help of GetCodingTable.
	* Fix bugs of "Web Search-Baidu" and "Web Search-Sohu" of the case popup menu (now works for UTF-8 locale).
	* Fix bugs of "Add to case/file category" of the fils popup menu.

	* Add help of SearchFiles and GetFileId.
	* Change the default of ask argument of undelete to TRUE.

	* New function of gselect.list, gtk version of select.list (Thanks John).
	* Add help of SummaryCoding, improve help of write.FileList.

	* Fix bugs of SortByTime(), now should work for R < 2.8.0. Fix bug of GetCodingTable and SummaryCoding.
	* New function of RunOnSelected. Use it to replace select.list.
	* Now popup menu of add to case/ category can add multiple files at a time (Files Tab). 
	* New Coding Button: C2Info

	* New functions of SearchFiles.

	* New functions to summary codings: SummaryCoding, GetCodingTable.
	* Add documentation.
	* New function of OrderByTime() for computing time order explicitly.
	* "Show Uncoded files only" popup menu will sort the uncoded file by imported time.
	* Add "Show Coded files only" popup menu in Files Tabs and F-cat Tab.
	* "Sort by ..." in the all the popup-menus call OrderByTime to sort the data.

	* Better handler the issue of write permission in new project and open project button
	* new function/button to backup project
	* fix bug in close project button
	* Popup menu of Files Tab: "Show uncoded files only" (useful when there are large number of files).
2008-12-06 (rc2 of v1.6)
	* bugfix of Freecode rename button and others.
	* Memo in Popup menu in Files Tab.
	* Enhance Mark buttons, so it will not save duplicated information in database.
	* New function relation() for caculating relation between two coding.
	* Improve ViewFileFun() so the codings are highlighted when a file is opened.
	* Add some popup menus.
	* Improve pdelete(),list.deleted() and undelete(). New function of CleanProject().

	* New functionality of add memo to File category and Code category.
	* Reorganize the memo for Cases.  Now opem case memo by double-click or popup menu
	* Unmark button for cases.
	* Add Settings Tab, so user can change settings easily.
	* Better handler colors for coding and case-mark. Now can customize colors for coding-mark 
	(set .rqda$fore.col, default is "blue") and case-mark (set .rqda$back.col, default is "gray92").
	* Add selected file to File-category by popup menu in Files Tab.
	* Popup menu in Cases tab to link files with selected case.
	* Drop selected Files from Files.of.This.Case Widget by clicking popu menu.
	* Attached file to case by pop-up menu in Files Tab.
	* Now can open associated files of a case from Cases Tab.
	* new function of write.FileList() to import a batch of files.

	* enhance the rename buttons.
	* bugfix of add buttons: continue only when click confirm in the ginput widget.
	* New function write.FileList() to import files by batch.
	* Enchance the retrieval2 function so coding on the file (openned by clicking back button) is possible.
	* fix some minor bugs.
	* enhancement of function list.deleted() and pdelete()
	* better handle the encoding issue in ViewFileButton and handler for openning a file.
	* Add F-Cat (file-category) to help organized the files.
	* Add doubleclick handlers to CodeOfCat and FileOfCat to retrieve coding and open file.
	* fix typo (Thanks Adrian Dusa)
	* fix a minor bug of CodeNamesUpdate() and new_proj().
	* Take care of the warning from R CMD check
	* Can back to the original file from Retrieved text chunck (by retrieval2 function).
2008-11-23 (as version 0.1.5)
	* Add AddTo/DropFrom Buttons for Code-Category.
	* Improve the display of retrieved coding.
	* change "Add Code Category" Button to popup menu
	* Open selected file by double click.
	* Retrieve coding chuck by double click.
	* Add/rename/delete Buttons for Code-Category.
	* Add WebSearch Case button (for convienence)
	* Add "Add Code Category" Button
2008-11-19 (as verion 0.1.4)
	* Add project memo
	* rename of file/free code names
	* reorganize the code for memo(s)
	* Handle Encoding better (use UTF-8 for storage in date base)
	* Add cases category
2008-11-01(as version 0.1.3)
	* Add functionality of file/code/coding memo.
	* Add functionality of delete selected code.
	* Add helper functions to show the temp deleted file/code/coding.
	* Add helper functions to delete file/code/coding permanently.
	* Add helper functions to undo the temporary deletion.
	* Minor changes to the database structure, adding memo, owner and date.
	* some minor bugs are fixed.
	* Now, RQDA() will launch when the package is attached.

	* Add functionality of delete selected file.

	* Open coding text chunk is added.
	* "Unmark" button works now.
	* Use /R/sysdata.rda to store meta data such as .rqda environment, so no need to generate it in .GlobalEnv.
	* Add RQDA-package.rd in /man.
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