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Thu Mar 3 05:18:35 2005 UTC (15 years, 10 months ago) by bates
File size: 10311 byte(s)
Preparing for 0.95-4 release
2005-03-02  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* R/dsTMatrix.R: Conversion from dsTMatrix to dsCMatrix

2005-02-28  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/*.c,po/,inst/po: Internationalization and localization of
	the package.

	* src/ldl.[ch]: Removed these as their contents are referenced in the
	R_ldl.c file.

	* src/flame.[ch]: Removed these source files.
	* src/dtrMatrix.c (make_array_triangular): Move to Mutils

	* src/LU.[ch],src/init.c: absorb in factorizations

	* src/Mutils.h: prepare for internationalization

	* src/cblas.h: move the enum definitions to Mutils.h and remove
	this file

2005-02-26  Martin Maechler  <>

	* R/dgeMatrix.R: provide "dimnames" and "dimnames<-" methods

	* R/dtrMatrix.R: fix t() method

	* R/dgeMatrix.R: define group methods "Arith", "Math", "Math2"
        * NAMESPACE: export them (and import generics from "methods")
	* tests/group-methods.R : and test them.

	* src/dtrMatrix.c (dtrMatrix_as_dgeMatrix): prevent seg.fault in
	border case

2005-02-24  Douglas Bates  <>

	* DESCRIPTION (Version): 0.95-2  released to CRAN

	* src/dgBCMatrix.c:
	* src/lmer.c: many changes
	* ...

2005-02-04  Martin Maechler  <>

	* R/Matrix.R: add more sophisticated show() method.

2005-02-02  Douglas Bates  <>

	* */* : almost complete reorganization of classes.

2005-01-26  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates7>

	* R/AllGeneric.R: Added matrix exponential generic expm and a method
	for the geMatrix class.

2005-01-24  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates7>

	* src/Makefile (clean): Remove *.a and *.so

	* man/cscBlocked-class.Rd: Remove reference to the lmer-class.

2005-01-23  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates7>

	* src/lmer.c (Lind): Definition of Lind was backwards.  This only
	had an effect in cases with more than 2 grouping factors.

2005-01-03  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/lmeRep.c (lmer_variances): change from lmeRep to lmer

2004-12-23  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/init.c (R_init_Matrix): Reorder calls to R_registerRoutines
	and R_useDynamicSymbols (suggested by B.D.Ripley).

2004-12-14  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* R/sscMatrix.R: Add determinant methods

	* src/triplet.[ch],src/init.c (triplet_to_matrix): Add a coercion
	for tripletMatrix to matrix.

2004-12-13  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* R/AllClass.R (.onLoad): Eliminate the bbCrosstab class, which is
	no longer used.

	* src/R_ldl.c: Created an R-specific version of the ldl.[ch] files
	with dynamic allocation of scratch arrays.

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_copy_ctab): Fixed bug in creation of ZtZ
	for multivariate random effects with multiple grouping factors.
	Fixes part but not all of #15.

2004-12-03  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/lmeRep.c (lmeRep_factor): order of operations for multiple
	scalar grouping factors corrected.

2004-11-29  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/bCrosstab.c: remove diag_update which is no longer used

2004-11-16  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/Metis_utils.c: Move metis.h include to C sources so that the
	.h file can be included.

2004-11-12  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/LU.c,geMatrix.c,trMatrix.c, etc.:
	Complete allocation of slots in NEW_OBJECT.

	* src/Mutils.h: Moved list of symbols to an include file

2004-11-11  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/geMutils.c (Matrix_init): remove unused function

2004-11-10  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/cscMatrix.c (csc_to_imagemat): removed unused function

2004-11-05  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/ (SOURCES_C): Keep consistent with Makefile

2004-10-27  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* R/pdmatrix.R: remove PACKAGE="Matrix" in .Call calls

2004-10-04  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* src/init.c: Created R_init_Matrix and added registration of C

2004-10-02  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates1-home>

	* R/tripletMatrix.R: Force a require(lattice) for the image methods.

2004-06-15  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates7>

	* man/trMatrix-class.Rd: Escape the % chars in .Rd files.

2004-04-20  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/ ($(SHLIB)): Modifications per Uwe Ligges.

2004-04-19  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_update_mm): fix logic error in

2004-04-18  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_coef, ssclme_coefGets): Create consistency
	in the order of unconstrained and constrained parameters.
	(ssclme_gradient): Added the gradients (not yet correct for
	multidimensional, unconstrained case).

2004-04-14  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_EMsteps): Fix logic in REML update

	* src/ Remove unneeded ranlib call

2004-04-12  Douglas Bates  <>

	* DESCRIPTION (Version): New release

	* src/ Update to umfpack removal.

2004-04-05  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates2_home>

	* src/triplet_to_col.c: Create triplet_to_col as a native
	function, not the version from umfpack.  There were problems with
	the configuration of UMFPACK for 64-bit processors and there was
	only one umfpack routine being used so I moved it here.

2004-04-04  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates2_home>

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_variances): New function.

2004-03-28  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates2_home>

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_fitted): Added function.

2004-03-27  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates2_home>

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_transfer_dimnames): Add new function to
	store the dimnames in the XtX and bVar slots
	(ssclme_update_mm): Change the dimensions of the bVar slot
	components and the returned value from ssclme_ranef.

2004-03-18  Douglas Bates  <>

	* R/{pdMat.R,pdIdent.R,pdLogChol.R,pdMatrixLog.R,pdNatural.R},
	Moved the pdMat classes from the lme4 package.

2004-03-02  Douglas Bates  <>

	* man/ssclme-class.Rd: Update definition and documentation of the
	ssclme class to include the DIsqrt slot.

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_deviance): Modify order of computation
	(much faster using dsyrk, a level 3 BLAS routine).

	* src/Makefile (SUBLIBS): Change definition (K. Hornik)

2004-02-28  Douglas Bates  <>

	* tests/ssclme.R: Modify the test to account for the permutation
	of the levels of the grouping factors.

2004-02-23  Douglas Bates  <>

	* R/ssclme.R,src/ssclme.c (ssclme): Move slots of sscCrosstab slot
	directly into the ssclme class definition.

2004-02-22  Douglas Bates  <>

	* DESCRIPTION (Date): New release

	* man/ssclme-class.Rd: new file.

	* src/ssclme.c (ssclme_loglik): major revisions in design.  It
	works and it's fast!

2004-02-17  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/taucs/ (lib): Change "ar" to "$(AR)" (B.Ripley)

2004-02-16  Douglas Bates  <>

	* DESCRIPTION (Date): New release

	* NAMESPACE: Don't export ssclme.

	* data/ScotsSec.rda, man/ScotsSec.Rd: Add Scottish secondary
	school data.

2004-02-11  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/sscCrosstab.c (sscCrosstab): Added a row to the incidence to
	keep track of the fixed-effects and the response.  Counts also
	gets an extra element, which is always one.

	* src/ldl.c: Include these routines from Tim Davis' LDL package.

2004-02-10  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/cscMatrix.c (csc_transpose): new function

	* src/Mutils.c (csc_sort_columns): perm/iperm confusion corrected
	(csc_components_transpose): new function

2004-02-06  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/triplet.c (triplet_validate): Fix Dim slot on generated

2004-01-30  Douglas Bates  <>

	* R/sscCrosstab.R (sscCrosstab): Added sscCrosstab generator function.

	* src/LU.h (MATRIX_LU_H): Add #ifndef #define ... #endif to this
	and all other .h files in src.

	* src/ This and other files contributed
	by Brian Ripley.

2004-01-27  Douglas Bates  <>

	* R/syMatrix.R: Added methods for "%*%".

	* R/Hilbert.R (Hilbert): Changed Hilbert function to return a
	poMatrix object.

2004-01-26  Douglas Bates  <>

	* man/sscChol-class.Rd,man/mm.Rd,man/y.Rd: Added man pages.

2004-01-25  Douglas Bates  <bates@bates2_home>

	* inst/doc/Introduction.Rnw,Comparisons.Rnw: Added vignettes.

	* R/csc.R: Convert all cscMatrix classes to use Dim slot instead
	of nrow.

2003-12-31  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/taucs/taucs.h: Moved taucs.h, amd.h, and umfpack.h into

2003-12-08  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/taucs.h: Accidently referred to global header files
	instead of local files.

2003-12-04  Douglas Bates  <>

	* R/AllClass.R: Lots of changes.  Removed all the lapack++ code
	and methods and replaced all classes with S4 classes.

2003-04-19  Douglas Bates  <>

	* R/det.R,man/det.Rd: Change name of det generic to determinant

	* src/ Change method of calculating determinants

2003-02-03  Douglas Bates  <>

	* DESCRIPTION (Version): removed empty data directory as requested
	by CRAN maintainers.  Changed version number and date.

2002-10-23  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/laindex.h: Applied patches from Brian Ripley for compilation
	under Windows.

	* Added and src/ as requested by Brian

2002-05-03  Douglas Bates  <>

	* src/lamatrix.h: Removing pre-1.2.0 compatibility code per Kurt

2002-04-24  Douglas Bates  <>

	* Replaced with
	contributed by Kurt Hornik.

	* aclocal.m4 (ac_clean_files): Replaced this with Kurt Hornik's
	version for R-1.5.0

2001-12-10  Douglas Bates  <>

	* man/eigen.Rd: Removed the .Alias in the example
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