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Diff of /branches/Matrix-mer2/src/factorizations.h

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revision 631, Sun Mar 13 04:34:52 2005 UTC revision 649, Tue Mar 15 00:59:38 2005 UTC
# Line 5  Line 5 
6  SEXP LU_validate(SEXP obj);  SEXP LU_validate(SEXP obj);
7  SEXP BunchKaufman_validate(SEXP obj);  SEXP BunchKaufman_validate(SEXP obj);
8    SEXP pBunchKaufman_validate(SEXP obj);
9  SEXP Cholesky_validate(SEXP obj);  SEXP Cholesky_validate(SEXP obj);
10    SEXP pCholesky_validate(SEXP obj);
11  SEXP SVD_validate(SEXP obj);  SEXP SVD_validate(SEXP obj);
12  SEXP LU_expand(SEXP x);  SEXP LU_expand(SEXP x);

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