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Diff of /branches/Matrix-mer2/src/dsCMatrix.h

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pkg/src/sscMatrix.h revision 209, Thu Jun 3 18:22:56 2004 UTC pkg/src/dsCMatrix.h revision 922, Sun Sep 18 16:33:54 2005 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  #ifndef MATRIX_SSC_H  #ifndef MATRIX_SSC_H
2  #define MATRIX_SSC_H  #define MATRIX_SSC_H
4  #include "taucs_utils.h"  #include <Rdefines.h>
5  #include "ldl.h"  #include "Mutils.h"
6    #include "R_ldl.h"
7    #include "triplet_to_col.h"
9  SEXP sscMatrix_validate(SEXP x);  SEXP dsCMatrix_validate(SEXP x);
10  SEXP sscMatrix_chol(SEXP x, SEXP pivot);  SEXP dsCMatrix_chol(SEXP x, SEXP pivot);
11  SEXP sscMatrix_inverse_factor(SEXP A);  SEXP dsCMatrix_inverse_factor(SEXP A);
12  SEXP sscMatrix_matrix_solve(SEXP a, SEXP b);  SEXP dsCMatrix_matrix_solve(SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP classed);
13  SEXP ssc_transpose(SEXP x);  SEXP ssc_transpose(SEXP x);
14  SEXP sscMatrix_to_triplet(SEXP x);  SEXP dsCMatrix_to_dgTMatrix(SEXP x);
15  SEXP sscMatrix_ldl_symbolic(SEXP x, SEXP doPerm);  SEXP dsCMatrix_to_dgCMatrix(SEXP x);
16    SEXP dsCMatrix_ldl_symbolic(SEXP x, SEXP doPerm);
17  extern void ssc_metis_order(int n, const int Tp [], const int Ti [],  extern void ssc_metis_order(int n, const int Tp [], const int Ti [],
18                              int Perm[], int iPerm[]);                              int Perm[], int iPerm[]);

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