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[batman] Annotation of /SplineFitBATMAN_MATLABcode/SplineFitBATMAN.fig
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Annotation of /SplineFitBATMAN_MATLABcode/SplineFitBATMAN.fig

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  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 3612, in main
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 389, in run_viewvc
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 2167, in view_annotate
    generate_page(request, "annotate", data)
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 838, in generate_page
    template.generate(request.server.file(), data)
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 326, in generate
    self._execute(self.program, ctx)
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 455, in _execute
    step[0](step[1], ctx)
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 525, in _cmd_for
    for unused in iterator:
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 715, in next
    self.last_item = # may raise StopIteration
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/", line 78, in __getitem__
    item = self.annotation.__getitem__(idx)
  File "/usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/lib/vclib/svn/", line 504, in __getitem__
    % (idx+1, line))
Error: Could not parse blame output at line 1
Skipping binary file: '<a href="file:///svnroot/batman/SplineFitBATMAN_MATLABcode/SplineFitBATMAN.fig">file:///svnroot/batman/SplineFitBATMAN_MATLABcode/SplineFitBATMAN.fig</a>@346'

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