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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Joshua Ulrich Contact Joshua Ulrich Admin
Feature Requests 1475 as.ts.xts fail gracefully with NULL frequency 94 Months Ago 94 Months Ago
Bugs 2801 as.xts.methods documentation refers to zoo and timeSeries, does not link 71 Months Ago 71 Months Ago
Bugs 4904 reclass() doesn't copy tzone attributes from object 68 Months Ago 68 Months Ago
Bugs 5371 Subset by non-existent 'j' does not throw error 63 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 5416 index<-.xts and indexClass<-.xts do not correctly set TZ when value is "Date" 62 Months Ago 62 Months Ago

Jeff Ryan Contact Jeff Ryan Admin
Bugs 2577 time-based to Date-based index causes "duplicate" index values 75 Months Ago 74 Months Ago
Bugs 2365 endpoints with months does not properly 78 Months Ago 78 Months Ago

Gabor Grothendieck Contact Gabor Grothendieck Senior Developer

Achim Zeileis Contact Achim Zeileis Senior Developer

Brian Peterson Contact Brian Peterson Senior Developer

Dirk Eddelbuettel Contact Dirk Eddelbuettel Senior Developer

Peter Carl Contact Peter Carl Senior Developer

Michael Weylandt Contact Michael Weylandt Junior Developer

Anton Samoylov Contact Anton Samoylov Junior Developer

Warren Durrett Contact Warren Durrett Junior Developer

Ross Bennett Contact Ross Bennett Junior Developer

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