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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Thibaut Jombart Contact Thibaut Jombart Admin

Fran├žois Michonneau Contact Fran├žois Michonneau Admin
Feature Requests 418 Remove dependencies from ape in readNexus 121 Months Ago 121 Months Ago
Feature Requests 5570 add new methods to hasTipData and hasNodeData to test for a specific data set 61 Months Ago 61 Months Ago
Bugs 910 readNexus doesn't import edge labels 109 Months Ago 109 Months Ago

Steven Kembel Contact Steven Kembel Admin
Feature Requests 570 Create replace method for 'rootNode' 117 Months Ago 117 Months Ago

Peter Cowan Contact Peter Cowan Admin
Feature Requests 555 update webpage 117 Months Ago 117 Months Ago
Feature Requests 593 Plotting doesn't work with factors 117 Months Ago 117 Months Ago
Feature Requests 594 Transition plotting functions from pushing/poping viewports to building viewport trees 117 Months Ago 117 Months Ago
Feature Requests 582 make identify method work for phylo4 objects 117 Months Ago 117 Months Ago

Ben Bolker Contact Ben Bolker Admin

Marguerite Butler Contact Marguerite Butler Admin

Hilmar Lapp Contact Hilmar Lapp Senior Developer

Jim Regetz Contact Jim Regetz Senior Developer
Bugs 681 refactor prune methods to make phylo4d version more efficient 116 Months Ago 116 Months Ago

David Orme Contact David Orme Senior Developer

Brian O'Meara Contact Brian O'Meara Senior Developer

Aaron Mackey Contact Aaron Mackey Senior Developer

Damien de Vienne Contact Damien de Vienne Senior Developer

Mark Holder Contact Mark Holder Senior Developer

Klaus Schliep Contact Klaus Schliep Senior Developer

Derrick Zwickl Contact Derrick Zwickl Senior Developer

Dirk Eddelbuettel Contact Dirk Eddelbuettel Senior Developer

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