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RE: Using latex exam document class with exams package in R [ reply ]
By: Achim Zeileis on 2017-02-20 15:45
In principle it should be possible but I haven't tried yet. The main reason for this is that we mainly use exams2nops() for PDF exams that can be automatically evaluated/graded. And then there is no need for using the LaTeX {exams} document class.

But maybe you can provide a short and simple example of what you tried to do and what didn't work. And please also provide some short explanation of what is your application case. Maybe we can recommend some other combination of tools that does what you want to achieve.

(P.S.: Attaching .zip files here in the forum did not work well for some reason. If you put together more than one text file, please put up the files on your web page or somewhere else.)

Using latex exam document class with exams package in R [ reply ]
By: Sw Txt on 2017-02-20 15:21

Is it possible to use the functionality of latex's exam document class in conjunction with R exams package.

Both have question and solution commands. If I try to use R's exam package to randomize, I'm unable to use the features of latex's exam document class - like question, solution, gradetable, points, \noprintanswers etc.

Any help or pointers in using both in conjunction would be helpful.

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