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RE: Portuguese accents [ reply ]
By: Achim Zeileis on 2016-09-09 21:36
- Questions on SO regarding "exams" are fine. Here in the R-Forge forum I get a notification e-mail. On SO there is no "exams" tag yet that I could follow and hence it's easier to miss a question. But feel free to point me to open questions via e-mail.

- The code on R-Forge is also online and searchable etc but there are not the same kind of pull requests as on GitHub. But if you have something that you think should be fixed: or improved just send me an e-mail or post it in the forum.

RE: Portuguese accents [ reply ]
By: Flavio Barros on 2016-09-09 16:53
Thank you very much for your answer SO. In general I put questions there because it is easier to find on google later. I mentioned github because it's easier to check the code on-line, search stuff and submit pull requests. All my projects today are tracked with git + github, and to be honest, I have no idea of how could I submit something like a pull request here ;-)

To my understanding SVN just allow the owners submit commits no? In this case, to help in the documentation for example, how could I do this here?

RE: Portuguese accents [ reply ]
By: Achim Zeileis on 2016-09-09 14:55
Flavio, thanks for your message.

I just replied on SO. First, there is already a suitable template. Second, even if you use your own template you don't have to put it into the installation folder. You can have that in your local working directory. The exams_skeleton() output will guide you through more details.

As for GitHub: Personally, I prefer to have it here on R-Forge rather than GitHub. But questions, suggestions, and patches are nevertheless very much appreciated. Either post here in the forum or contact me directly. You can also ask on SO but it's easier to miss the question there (especially when you are on vacation like I am right now :-)).

Portuguese accents [ reply ]
By: Flavio Barros on 2016-09-09 12:11
Recently I had a problem witm Rmarkdown files in portuguese. After posting a question in stackoverflow I could fix the problem.

The issue was with the base latex template. I think that should be good have the possibility to change the base template on the fly. The way the problem is fixes we have to add a new base template in the installation folder.

Another suggestion is to put the source code in Github. Would be easy to help in the development.

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