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RE: size of math font in compiled html [ reply ]
By: Markus Loecher on 2016-06-22 15:56
Thanks, this is very helpful!!

RE: size of math font in compiled html [ reply ]
By: Achim Zeileis on 2016-06-20 14:30
(i) The default TeX-to-HTML converter "ttm" does not support \boxed{} but "pandoc" does. So using exams2html("tmp.Rnw", converter = "pandoc") gives what you want. But, of course, "pandoc" may or may not display other things in a slightly different way that you may or may not like. Hence, personally I prefer solutions that are robust across converters but might require a little bit more coding. In this case, you could set up the box manually for example.

(ii) For me, the solution with or without \boxed{} uses the same font size. And as the display is browser-specific anyways, I wouldn't worry about this too much. It's simple enough to press Ctrl-+ when viewing the HTML file... However, if you want a somewhat more principled solution you can also do exams2html("tmp.Rnw", converter = "pandoc", mathjax = TRUE). Then MathJax allows to zoom formulas (upon hovering or clicking etc.) or you can set a general zoom factor for all math content. My personal aesthetic preference, however, is that MathJax generally displays formulas too large whereas MathML in Firefox just looks fine. But to a certain degree this is a matter of personal taste...

size of math font in compiled html [ reply ]
By: Markus Loecher on 2016-06-20 12:27

tmp.Rnw (5) downloads
Dear authors,
When I use exams2pdf to compile an Rnw file (attached) that contains the following Latex expression
\boxed{P(x=a;N,A,n,a) = \frac{{A \choose a} \cdot {N-A \choose n-a} }{{N \choose n}}}
the output looks perfect. But with exams2thml I run into the following difficulties:
(i) The Latex \boxed directive seems unrecognized.
(ii) When I remove the \boxed command, the displayed fraction seems too small, and I have been unsuccessfully trying to enlarge the math fonts.

Is there a way in html output to (i) frame eqns with a box and/or (ii) manipulate the size of math font ?


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