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RE: Rmd vs. Rnw [ reply ]
By: Markus Loecher on 2016-01-20 13:22
Fantastic! I missed that update, sorry.
And yes, I did not mean actual compilation time just authoring time. I find it quicker to write an Rmd file than Sweave. But more importantly I am generating lots and lots of Rmd files for teaching anyhow, so it will save me loads of time in the translation effort.

RE: Rmd vs. Rnw [ reply ]
By: Achim Zeileis on 2016-01-20 07:18
Markus, this is easy because it's done already :-) Since version 2.1-0 of the package (currently on CRAN) Rmd support is built in. The reason was that I needed pandoc support for producing markdown output for the new ARSnova interface (live voting software). And then I added support for markdown input along with it.

Run exams_skeleton(markup = "markdown") and then go through some of the demo scripts and exercises.

I'm not sure though what you mean with markdown being faster to generate? Do you mean wrt authoring the document? Because the compilation times should be comparable as long as the same output format is used.

Rmd vs. Rnw [ reply ]
By: Markus Loecher on 2016-01-20 04:22
Dear package authors,
as an idea for additional features of this fantastic package for future versions, I would like to suggest to add support for the more and more prevalent R markdown files as an alternative to Rnw templates.
I myself use the Rmd format more than Sweave because it is faster to create. Despite its shortcomings, it migth be a nice add on to the exams package.


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