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Changes in variable names [ Reply ]
By: Will Beasley on 2013-11-16 08:11
The following comes from the package's news file for the upcoming version 1.300. This version is on R-Forge now, and should be on CRAN in less than a week. I apologize if this breaks existing code, but I thought the change wouldn't be too disruptive, and the improved consistency would be worth it in the long run. As always, please contact us if you have any questions (and include any relevant error messages).


* The naming scheme for the `Links79Pair` and `Links79PairExpanded` datasets are more consistent across variables. For variables that are measured separately for both subjects (eg, Gender), the subjects' variable name will have an `_S1` or `_S2` appended to it. For instance, the variables `LastSurvey_S1` and `LastSurvey_S2` correspond to the last surveys completed by the pair's first and second subject, respectively.

* Similarly, the functions `CreatePairLinksDoubleEntered` and `CreatePairLinksSingleEntered` now by default append `_S1` and `_S2`, instead of `_1` and `_2`. However this can be modified using the `subject1Qualifier` and `subject2Qualifier` parameters.

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