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RelationshipPath==None [ Reply ]
By: Michael Hunter on 2013-06-08 17:01
In fitting some growth curve models to gen2 cognitive variables in the NLSY79-C, David and I are interested in a subsample of people with no known connection to each other. These are people in Gen2 who are not heritably related to each other, and not sharing a household. The idea is that these are relatively independent members of the Gen2 sample. Do you know of a good way of finding cases like this?

One method I've considered is starting with the complete Links79Pair data from the NlsyLinks package, and then sampling one SubjectTag from each set of people in the same household. That is, find all people sharing a single household with Gen1Housemates and then sample one person from this household (making sure they are Gen2, not Gen1). After sampling one child from each household, I'd then drop one member of any pair that has another relationship path (e.g. Gen2Cousins).

I just want to sample one child from each set of siblings or housemates.

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