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  Multiple correct numerical solutions, partial credits in cloze typeDaniel Kehl52018-03-17 22:50
  nops_eval error Jonathan Jupke22018-03-09 14:30
  Problem with a table in exams2pdfFrancisco Goerlich32018-03-06 08:18
  tracking question idEric Lin52018-03-05 12:55
  Dynamic Question with Dynamic Image in R ExamsJamie MacDonald132018-03-04 01:26
  Correctly using exams2qti12Jamie MacDonald192018-02-23 00:20
  Arsnova jsessionidThomas Petersen32018-02-21 14:20
  Generatinf csv data files form exam questionsFrancisco Goerlich12018-02-18 16:00
  exams2moodle or alternative lms and latex in questionsThomas Petersen122018-02-12 22:50
  exams2moodle - a usage rather than technical questionEric Lin32018-02-12 12:37
  how to estimate parameters of negative binomial distribution in R using maximum Roman Grigorovich12018-02-09 18:58
  Exercises generation in the Sakai platformMontserrat Rue32018-02-09 18:48
  questions for EXAMSYan-xia Lin102018-02-07 10:37
  \multirow package not foundRichard Bilonick32018-02-05 00:09
  Exam question with align and/or matrix do not translate correctly to BlackboardRichard Bilonick92018-02-04 05:20
  exams2pdf - problem with Croatian charactersMarko Družić72018-01-28 18:41
  correcting results from nops_eval() michael schulte62018-01-17 08:26
  Help for formatting the test on two columnsDomenico Vistocco32018-01-17 00:09
  nops_scan() error messagemichael schulte32018-01-11 22:02
  exams2nops + nsamp issueDomenico Vistocco22018-01-10 10:47
  Figure output and captionRalf Schäfer42018-01-04 11:02
  png2pdfmichael schulte62017-12-20 23:54
  exams2nops() with intro text ... michael schulte52017-12-12 19:26
  Random and Fixed exercise selection michael schulte62017-12-12 11:19
  page breaks for response boxesmichael schulte42017-12-12 11:08
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