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  include_supplement michael schulte32017-05-23 20:27
  math mode in multiple choice questionsmichael schulte22017-05-23 13:16
  exams2pdf using Rmd gives errorsJoris Meys32017-05-23 11:46
  no text in moodleMarkus Loecher52017-05-12 14:38
  LaTeX formatted equations in exams2moodle()Bill Ravenwood192017-04-06 20:51
  Equations in moodlesamara kiihl152017-03-23 11:05
  Using latex exam document class with exams package in RSw Txt12017-02-20 15:45
  Attach csv file to pdf/html examMarcos Marvá92017-02-20 15:40
  inserting ID inside examsFrancisco Goerlich12016-12-14 22:56
  How to insert ID in the pdf file name Walter Pereira12016-11-28 00:26
  shiny and examsMarkus Loecher12016-11-22 12:50
  Embed a plain LaTeX file between exercises is possible?Sigbert Klinke72016-11-22 12:16
  Does the R code chunk know what is generated?Sigbert Klinke22016-11-17 10:54
  Use extitle/exname in pdf (LaTeX)Sigbert Klinke12016-11-09 21:33
  Formatting of cloze questionMario Zacarés22016-10-06 10:20
  Portuguese accentsFlavio Barros32016-09-09 21:36
  size of math font in compiled htmlMarkus Loecher22016-06-22 15:56
  exams2pdf + figuresMarek Pomp102016-05-03 22:13
  new converter typeJohn Hoopes152016-04-15 21:19
  embedding external png image into moodle xmlArpad Rozsas22016-02-09 21:48
  Starter kit for exams packageShravan Vasishth02016-01-25 05:33
  Introduce an answer with no penalization in multiple choice (export to moodle)Xavier Fernández i Marín52016-01-21 16:18
  Rmd vs. RnwMarkus Loecher22016-01-20 13:22
  templates for exams2htmlMarkus Loecher52016-01-12 17:00
  matrix environments failingPhilipp Fröhlich12015-09-30 23:19
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