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  size of math font in compiled htmlMarkus Loecher22016-06-22 15:56
  exams2pdf + figuresMarek Pomp102016-05-03 22:13
  new converter typeJohn Hoopes152016-04-15 21:19
  embedding external png image into moodle xmlArpad Rozsas22016-02-09 21:48
  Starter kit for exams packageShravan Vasishth02016-01-25 05:33
  Introduce an answer with no penalization in multiple choice (export to moodle)Xavier Fernández i Marín52016-01-21 16:18
  Rmd vs. RnwMarkus Loecher22016-01-20 13:22
  templates for exams2htmlMarkus Loecher52016-01-12 17:00
  matrix environments failingPhilipp Fröhlich12015-09-30 23:19
  Imaginary part of complex numbers gets lostl Meyer82015-08-26 11:57
  tex2image ?Domenico Zambella112015-08-18 15:40
  When to use set.seed(1090)l Meyer22015-07-20 20:29
  Hints for questionsMatthias Gondan102015-05-18 17:57
  Getting started with exams2moodleMatthias Gondan22015-03-18 17:45
  Troubleshooting exams2qti21 errorBen Greenspan52014-07-14 21:26
  Congratulations...Ben Greenspan12014-07-13 20:42
  Novice QuestionsBen Greenspan12014-07-09 21:12
  Please critique this easy sample.Ben Greenspan12014-07-08 23:39
  Help with complex table outputBarry Lambert12014-07-03 09:52
  Difficulty for New UserBen Greenspan12014-06-28 22:28
  moodle XML viewerMarkus Loecher12014-06-12 20:27
  dangerous tdir Markus Loecher12014-05-15 09:48
  Encodings other than UTF-8 in exams2moodleDominik Ernst22014-03-13 09:56
  "Cannot create output directory"Markus Loecher32013-02-28 09:26
  moodle featuresMarkus Loecher12013-02-21 12:11
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