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  Stochastic frontier and total factor productivityDhanasekaran Kuppusamy22016-05-21 15:06
  Problems running Battesse & Coelli 1995Francis Pache122016-05-21 11:35
  The Stochastic Ray Production Function elasticities Daniel Quijano12016-05-21 11:05
  Inferring the Outputs Nandita Pradhan12016-04-27 04:14
  Translog production elasticitiesJethro Ross22016-03-15 06:59
  efficiency for each firm in FrontierNandita Pradhan12016-02-11 12:22
  Distance function Mrad Sami12015-12-17 21:14
  Fixed Effect vs Random Effect models in Stochastic Frontier Model Dhanasekaran Kuppusamy42015-12-10 08:06
  Fixed Effect Stochastic Frontier Model using Panel Data settingDhanasekaran Kuppusamy22015-12-07 14:17
  Input-Oriented SFA ModelsJoão Silva02015-10-27 17:22
  DIstance function with FrontierDaniel Quijano22015-10-17 17:57
  SFA in small-NAndrew Rosenberg12015-10-17 10:34
  suppress delta-0 in inefficiency modelzongzhang li12015-09-19 17:09
  to estimate technical efficiency with nonparametric production functionYoungHo Lee72015-07-26 14:49
  Analyzing the Effects of z VariablesHosein dnshp52015-07-18 18:40
  Ranking of observation- benchmarking - SFAHosein dnshp32015-07-17 20:07
  Efficient frontier graphGiovanna Ottaviani22015-06-09 06:20
  Changing z's variables also change production function (deterministic part) Jesus Borruel22015-05-11 11:43
  Translog cost function estimationOliver Robertson32015-01-26 02:36
  Dealing with zero outputs and inputs in a distance functionlaura di giorgio12015-01-17 18:44
  efficiencies ()laura di giorgio82014-12-13 06:44
  no constant for a production frontierGraziella Bonanno12014-12-04 21:45
  Output data to dataframeJacob Schumacher12014-10-12 08:20
  Saving a regression summary tableafsaneh bahrami12014-10-10 05:44
  Comparing two "half-normal production" stochastic frontier functionsRainer Krug102014-10-08 12:44
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