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  to estimate technical efficiency with nonparametric production functionYoungHo Lee62014-02-15 12:42
  Stochastic frontier analysis without interceptismael bernard22014-02-05 09:00
  Restricted stochastic frontier modelFederico Trindade42013-11-21 17:34
  Getting started with RKidu Hailu42013-11-03 15:29
  zNamesMichael Smith12013-10-23 19:40
  Problems running Battesse & Coelli 1995Francis Pache72013-09-04 12:53
  panel data and SFAGiovanna Ottaviani22013-08-21 22:40
  R Stochastic Frontier Analysis Error messagesMaeve Ryan12013-07-31 20:22
  Test for heteroscedasticity in the sfa model W Miao32013-07-15 20:30
  Frontier-Shift with a Cost-FunctionJohannes Engbruch32013-06-22 19:23
  Questions about residuals and efficiencies in the frontier packageW Miao12013-06-01 15:30
  Marginal Effects in BC-95Fotios Pasiouras52013-04-09 20:25
  t-value vs z-value in SFATshepelayi Kabata12013-04-01 11:46
  SFA: Variance-covariance matrixAKHILESH VERMA12013-03-12 21:36
  Semiparametric frontier methodManoj Rajakaruna Mudalige22013-02-22 03:05
  SFAGiovanna Ottaviani12013-02-15 20:31
  Cost Frontier with Battese and Coelli (1995)Francis Pache32012-12-05 19:38
  Efficiency Scores in Translog Cost FunctionFrancis Pache12012-12-05 18:03
  Different results from Frontier 4.1 and R package for Battesse Coelli 1995 modelApoorva Gupta22012-10-13 15:09
  Using frontier4.1 in RAKHILESH VERMA22012-09-05 05:09
  How to estimate the cost function in Battese and Coelli (1995) MASATO YODO42012-08-21 17:30
  Different Results from RfrontierQuad and frontier 4.1AKHILESH VERMA52012-08-03 05:32
  Efficiency and mean efficiency estimationAKHILESH VERMA32012-08-02 17:02
  Eta in function frontierApoorva Gupta12012-06-25 08:36
  Translog Cost FunctionMuhammad Ali Asghar92012-05-24 18:17
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