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linearhypothesis testing with SUR and HAC vcovJulien Mc Donald-Guimond02021-01-22 15:05
Restrict some coefficients to be equalJoep van der Plas02021-01-21 07:24
systemfit 3sls error: index larger than maximal 0 and/or variable lengths differTiffany Jiang02020-09-28 10:07
nlssystemfit predict/SE functionDavid Auty32020-08-06 13:36
offset function for known intercept and instrumental variablesJorge Zea32020-08-05 11:57
Weighted SURStephen Clark12019-11-03 13:24
access McElroy R2 Stephen Clark12019-11-03 13:18
Pooled SUR with no intercept -> "(Intercept) = 0" is not well formed....M. P.12019-03-28 09:04
3SLS with panel data - val(predvars, data, env) : object '<VARIABLE>' not foundM. P.22018-12-26 17:29
Iterated FGNLS for nlsystemfitStefan Boeters12018-11-17 12:25
nlsystemfit: about instrument variable and strataljulie wang12018-11-17 09:52
Restrictions not working with SURPeder Axensten32018-03-25 06:53
Problem with SUR using systemfitTejendra Pratap Singh62017-10-23 09:16
SUR: Var-Cov matrix becomes singular if maxiter>1Johannes P52017-07-06 18:16
SUR-Estimation in R, error:"LU.dgC(a):cs_lu(A) failed: near-singular A (...)"Gürcan Özden32017-06-17 18:25
Estimating Simultaneous Equation with Panel DataArunima Haldar52017-06-10 05:34
SUR with many equationsFelix Grey92017-04-06 14:17
Serial CorrelationChang Yoo12017-04-03 19:07
Singularity and panel data issuesThomas Greene12016-08-24 09:08
Bootstrapping systemfitArne Henningsen02016-03-22 22:11
systemfitvinoth kumar12016-03-19 09:46
Different Instruments for Different Equations: 2SLS, 3SLS-GMM, 3SLS-Schmidt Arne Henningsen02015-11-30 22:08
inequality restrictionsUGA BUGA12015-08-23 06:02
How to get the predicted values from the systemfit equationsManoj Rajakaruna Mudalige12015-08-23 05:56
Simultaneous equation model with interaction termsJanka Vanschoenwinkel12015-08-23 05:52
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