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Unable to install gEcon_1.2.2Jingjia Zhang12023-08-11 20:39
R session aborted errorPrasanta Roy62023-07-19 20:57
Unable to install gEcon_1.2.0Prasanta Roy32022-12-01 21:03
new functionsjosep puig12022-11-14 02:15
Is gEcon still being maintained?Max Sties22022-11-14 00:17
loose endog errorsSun Jian12022-11-13 20:47
Publish model / tutorial on your websiteL Bogaardt12022-11-13 20:38
Trouble installing gEcon on Ubuntu, R 4.2.0Shriram Varadarajan12022-11-13 20:25
gEcon.estimation "Error: package or namespace load failed"Constantin Colonescu62022-11-13 20:23
gEcon.estimation installed on MAC cannot perform Bayesian estimationpeng shun12022-11-13 20:22
How to: install gEcon on Mac OS XThore Kockerols62022-07-18 14:39
appropriate sample for taxes impact asessmentTetyana Tyshchuk02021-11-16 15:21
Policy Rules in gEconJesse Grabowski02021-08-13 13:13
OPEN ECONOMY MODELEmmanuel Ameyaw02021-08-09 14:36
Solve Differential Equations or Discrete Difference EquationsL Bogaardt02021-07-28 10:58
Would be nice to add an open economy sample to the sample models...:). Thanks.Emmanuel Ameyaw02021-07-23 08:41
Error in model parsed involving free parameter equations.Miguel Orrillo02021-05-02 00:00
slack constraintsPatrick O'Callaghan02021-04-29 04:07
Troubles in building gEcon on MacOlga Klishchuk72021-04-26 06:10
log-linearised equationEmmanuel Ameyaw12021-03-14 13:43
Troubles in istalling gEcon.iosamdaniele cufari12021-03-14 13:37
Steady_state equilibrium cannot be foundDaniel Marais12021-03-14 13:37
Smet & WoutersFrancisco Sabido22020-07-10 08:44
How to get Maximisation routine solution after bayesian_estimationLipeng Yan22019-12-16 05:14
gEcon 3.5.0 Problem Installation windows Nicolás Suárez42019-12-16 03:00
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