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  solution and \exsolution redundancymichael schulte02018-10-18 13:52
  Warning for what seems to have worked as intendedUlrike Grömping42018-10-17 18:40
  Question about moodle2: automating selecting of questionsShravan Vasishth32018-10-17 18:38
  question found to have more than one right answerEric Lin32018-10-17 00:46
  item analysis dataEric Lin12018-10-17 00:32
  Randomly select items per questionsJorge Sinval22018-10-09 15:08
  Add class to the first page and center external imagesJorge Sinval152018-10-09 09:44
  Confusing "Error in scan" when launching nops_eval() Fabien C32018-09-26 21:44
  Formatting of Questions in exam2pdf (or pandoc)Rich Lucas32018-09-26 20:21
  nops_scan issues - paper size?Eric Lin52018-09-20 15:59
  changing the daten.txt fileEric Lin72018-09-16 11:05
  Problem with equations in exams2moodle()Eduardo Silva62018-09-14 21:19
  can't put in logoEric Lin62018-09-07 18:24
  exams2pdf question limit with custom template?Marko Družić22018-09-04 20:42
  MathJax Script Not Showing After Export into BlackBoardSean Quallen172018-08-29 11:40
  Failure to create fileCody J52018-08-28 09:52
  max number of questions for exams2nopsEric Lin42018-08-20 22:15
  Blackboard pools, multiple different questions in single poolMatthew Crump12018-08-13 21:59
  Can R/exams Output Questions for Blackboard, or Only Full Exams?Sean Quallen22018-08-13 16:05
  Multiple solutions for numeric questions, with partial creditUlrike Grömping62018-08-09 23:47
  Pandoc Conversion Fails for exams2blackboardSean Quallen32018-08-01 20:44
  notes about automatic recognition of testsBoris Demeshev72018-07-30 12:58
  overwritten exercises with texdir option in exams2nopsBoris Demeshev82018-07-30 12:54
  nops output to data.frame (or tibble) and reporting functionsBoris Demeshev32018-07-02 23:17
  Problems with spanish/portuguese caractersThomas Dellinger272018-06-28 21:10
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