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Partial credit: R/exams and BBAmelia Garcia Luengo01 week ago
Latex warnings using exams2pdfFrancisco Goerlich101 week ago
Answer type "numeric" in Cloze question for MoodleStefan Palan32 weeks ago
Incomplete comments in Blackboard in mchoice and schoice questions.Amelia Garcia Luengo132023-08-28 22:17
Problem with \extype{string} and BlacKboard UltraAmelia Garcia Luengo132023-07-11 20:51
How to escape special characters when inserting code in solution?Emma Finlay42023-07-07 08:36
Possible to generate exams with different subsets of exercise pool?Emma Finlay52023-07-07 06:56
exams2moodle - [Error in mathematical expression]Sigbert Klinke72023-06-30 23:17
The BlackboardUltra version does not generate text and formulas correctly.Amelia Garcia Luengo172023-06-24 22:44
! LaTeX Error: Unknown float option `H'.Francisco Goerlich22023-06-07 11:02
schoice not working in Canvas?Wayne Smith102023-05-31 00:32
Remove the alphabetical bullet list in answerlist Faisal Almalki52023-04-21 06:51
possible outdated code for shortanswer case-sensitive variant in moodle questionJoan Sanz12023-04-15 01:18
Support for InsperaMichael Ashley252023-03-20 00:02
answer listFernando Javier Quiroga Villegas52023-03-09 19:06
Combining 2 pdfs with exam2nopsJohn Wilson62023-02-21 03:27
iliasEXAMmichael schulte52023-02-20 08:14
Spell and grammar checkerSigbert Klinke22023-01-30 08:00
tag for moodle in r/examsVel R82023-01-22 20:29
Highlighted code chunk in SolutionRushad Faridi32023-01-21 18:11
nops_scan: error-trap and user-control of corner coordinates?Perry de Valpine32023-01-09 21:15
Enumerating questionsWalter Gruber32022-12-22 11:25
Cloze texts at RExams and Blackboard UltraWalter Gruber102022-12-21 14:02
Problem with essay questionJean-Fran├žois Coeurjolly62022-12-20 08:58
Fill in the blank questions in BlackboardWalter Gruber102022-12-14 07:05
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