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  Exams2nops - string only?Ralf Schäfer62017-11-16 09:47
  Help please with problem with plots in examLuis Torgo112017-11-10 23:29
  problem with Mariano Zapatero32017-11-10 23:08
  Errors including text2dvi and moreBen Greenspan282017-11-10 22:49
  Adding white space to examsJoyce Robbins92017-11-10 00:54
  Change logo in exams2nopsMariano Zapatero22017-11-09 12:32
  Number of decimal places for numeric resultsMontserrat Rue22017-11-06 13:53
  Single or Multiple choice answers in one row rather than multiple rows. Rushad Faridi22017-11-01 18:56
  Students' names in the examMontserrat Rue22017-10-30 23:15
  Searching .Rmd exercise filesJoyce Robbins32017-10-29 23:55
  Randomize questions/problems in each versionRushad Faridi72017-10-23 22:09
  Cross-reference questionsRushad Faridi12017-10-23 21:34
  option on pointsEric Lin12017-10-07 20:13
  exams2blackboard creates question with numeric answer that cannot be editedRichard Bilonick122017-10-04 22:22
  Customizing the delimiter symbol in a cloze type questionRafael Gallego32017-09-22 15:03
  Resizing figures in pdf outputMatthew Crump32017-08-24 23:27
  exams: results of numeric question with subquestionsAndreas Melillo32017-08-07 12:25
  Problem when recycling old questionsMarcos Marvá72017-06-09 08:00
  Random and Fixed exercise selection michael schulte22017-05-24 11:26
  include_supplement michael schulte32017-05-23 20:27
  math mode in multiple choice questionsmichael schulte22017-05-23 13:16
  exams2pdf using Rmd gives errorsJoris Meys32017-05-23 11:46
  no text in moodleMarkus Loecher52017-05-12 14:38
  LaTeX formatted equations in exams2moodle()Bill Ravenwood192017-04-06 20:51
  Equations in moodlesamara kiihl152017-03-23 11:05
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