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Image resize inside rmdJorge Sinval61 week ago
Moodle: Multiple Questions, 1 random data set?Rebecca Killick72 weeks ago
exams_eval questionMarcelino Martínez Sober12019-05-25 08:49
exams2nops change order of questions and answersMarcelino Martínez Sober22019-05-23 13:20
Using data files in nops examsMarcelino Martínez Sober42019-05-21 09:15
Annotate pdf file using tikz packageRobbie .42019-05-17 06:53
item analysis - renewedEric Lin22019-05-15 09:02
nops_eval problemsMarcelino Martínez Sober12019-05-09 15:56
headers for exams2pdfEric Lin32019-05-08 10:35
exams to LaTexEric Lin52019-05-08 00:27
Tables in exam2nopMarcelino Martínez Sober62019-05-07 22:27
numeric question type in exams2nopsThilo Klein32019-04-30 13:27
multiple students taking the same exam idEric Lin12019-04-29 00:19
embedding a variable in a text expression in multiple choice responsesEric Lin22019-04-28 11:45
Multiple tests - random questions order Vaclav Friedrich32019-04-15 10:17
nops_scan inaccuraciesRod Alence32019-04-02 10:28
STACK question typeRebecca Killick12019-03-20 01:37
nops_scan not working in MacOS when trying to read pdf'sEduardo GP22019-03-08 23:40
Erratic reading of scans with nops_scanEduardo GP32019-03-08 23:00
Using rexams for BrightspaceJoris Meys62019-03-01 01:31
Dynamic exams with png's - questions do not fit png'sNicolai Berk32019-02-28 14:11
free text response in exam2nopsEric Lin12019-02-18 23:29
Number of true/false alternatives in mchoiceFernando Mayer62019-02-16 00:05
Canvas quizzes "The importer couldn't determine the correct answers.. "Joseph Retzer102019-02-15 15:21
problem enumerating questionsMarcos Marvá72019-02-15 12:02
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