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extol: with tolerance in scientific notationSigbert Klinke01 hour ago
exams2pdf / exams2nops: how to choose engine?Boris Demeshev11 week ago
image not included with exams2pdfSigbert Klinke12022-05-30 16:13
learndashEric Lin32022-05-13 00:58
tinytex and UTF-8Francisco Goerlich122022-04-05 10:20
Force download of a file in exams2moodlePablo Paccioretti32022-04-04 15:19
text question and paginationEric Lin12022-03-21 17:02
Choosing the tolerance for numerical exerciseSigbert Klinke12022-03-11 09:42
Error as output of nops_scan()Lukas Liebermann12022-03-07 13:18
No ZIP file created by nops_scanLukas Liebermann32022-03-07 12:31
exams2canvas with missing solutionsAchim Zeileis62022-03-05 18:52
compiling tables failsJan Beutel62022-03-03 15:07
Error from tinytex when running exams2nopsNathaniel Graham32022-02-24 02:51
add more text after question list (Rmd)Markus Loecher92022-02-15 17:22
BookWidgetsChristel Faes12022-02-05 16:38
Print true solution and tolerance in the exercise fileSigbert Klinke52022-01-28 06:55
Issue with nops_scan (trimming/rotating)Andrea Tarelli12022-01-22 16:53
Essay question with cloze in MoodleMichel Krebs32022-01-17 10:25
Creating Rmd file with examsSigbert Klinke12022-01-07 10:23
dangerous tdir Markus Loecher32021-12-29 20:16
errors in: 1-rotate and 2-while (is.null(rot) ... issing value where TRUE/FALSE cleber borges52021-12-03 21:54
exams2moodle() underlined blanks in multiple choice questions Eric Lin12021-12-03 00:58
How to use make_nops_template function inside exams2nops function?cleber borges42021-12-02 01:19
exams2moodle and partial credits in mchoice questionsFrancisco Goerlich22021-12-01 12:27
exams2moodle() and question categoriesEric Lin72021-12-01 09:30
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