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schoice not working in Canvas?Wayne Smith71 day ago
exams2moodle - [Error in mathematical expression]Sigbert Klinke52 days ago
The BlackboardUltra version does not generate text and formulas correctly.Amelia Garcia Luengo102023-04-25 20:21
Remove the alphabetical bullet list in answerlist Faisal Almalki52023-04-21 06:51
possible outdated code for shortanswer case-sensitive variant in moodle questionJoan Sanz12023-04-15 01:18
Support for InsperaMichael Ashley252023-03-20 00:02
answer listFernando Javier Quiroga Villegas52023-03-09 19:06
Combining 2 pdfs with exam2nopsJohn Wilson62023-02-21 03:27
iliasEXAMmichael schulte52023-02-20 08:14
Spell and grammar checkerSigbert Klinke22023-01-30 08:00
tag for moodle in r/examsVel R82023-01-22 20:29
Highlighted code chunk in SolutionRushad Faridi32023-01-21 18:11
nops_scan: error-trap and user-control of corner coordinates?Perry de Valpine32023-01-09 21:15
Enumerating questionsWalter Gruber32022-12-22 11:25
Cloze texts at RExams and Blackboard UltraWalter Gruber102022-12-21 14:02
Problem with essay questionJean-Fran├žois Coeurjolly62022-12-20 08:58
Fill in the blank questions in BlackboardWalter Gruber102022-12-14 07:05
UTF-8 invalid charactersmichael schulte42022-11-17 00:56
iframe in question?Logan Kelly52022-10-26 21:26
More verbose output from exams:::browse_exercise/xexams or include_supplementSigbert Klinke42022-10-24 11:37
Beta testing R/exams 2.4-0 before CRAN releaseAchim Zeileis12022-10-17 11:50
exams2pdf and Latex ErrorFrancisco Goerlich52022-09-23 08:41
essay question imnmoodle: maximal number of charactersSigbert Klinke22022-09-22 11:47
A nightmare with an xml containing incorrect questionsEduardo GP32022-07-07 13:47
extol: with tolerance in scientific notationSigbert Klinke12022-07-01 02:35
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