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  Problems with spanish/portuguese caractersThomas Dellinger162018-05-18 23:22
  stupid question (most likely)michael schulte22018-05-17 06:34
  schoice with dynamically created answersEric Lin42018-05-15 07:37
  Metadata catalogThomas Dellinger12018-05-14 22:10
  syntax for drawing exercises from multiple directoriesEric Lin12018-05-12 21:21
  replacment exam sheet for exam2nops()Eric Lin12018-05-10 10:22
  exname{} useEric Lin12018-05-10 10:21
  replication exam runsEric Lin32018-05-09 01:20
  Change the standard pointsAlejandro Quintela32018-05-07 11:15
  mixing the order of questions in exams2nops()Eric Lin32018-05-06 19:52
  exams2nops 3 open-ended string questionsEric Lin52018-04-27 22:22
  max number of questions for exams2nopsEric Lin22018-04-27 15:49
  Problems with spanish caractersMariano Zapatero52018-04-24 21:10
  nops_eval: Error in scan()Jonathan Jupke62018-04-17 11:49
  nops_scan inaccuraciesRod Alence12018-04-12 15:41
  metadata identifiers for questions and printing a catalogEric Lin52018-04-09 14:23
  cloze and mchoiceJustin Wishart32018-03-27 10:39
  Using objects across questionsRebecca Killick32018-03-24 00:49
  Implementing new Rules for eval_examJonathan Jupke52018-03-19 09:17
  Multiple correct numerical solutions, partial credits in cloze typeDaniel Kehl52018-03-17 22:50
  nops_eval error Jonathan Jupke22018-03-09 14:30
  Problem with a table in exams2pdfFrancisco Goerlich32018-03-06 08:18
  tracking question idEric Lin52018-03-05 12:55
  Dynamic Question with Dynamic Image in R ExamsJamie MacDonald132018-03-04 01:26
  Correctly using exams2qti12Jamie MacDonald192018-02-23 00:20
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