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Creating pool of questionsChristel Faes11 week ago
to string or not to string for integer inputs?Jan Beutel23 weeks ago
variable graphics using tikzpicture for question and solutionJan Beutel53 weeks ago
creating problems with a data setEric Lin63 weeks ago
Automated Grading based on submitted txt fileFrank Zechmann12021-05-19 09:55
exam2blackboardAya A42021-05-19 01:47
exam2nops() and test templateEric Lin12021-05-01 01:53
bordermatrix in exams2html / exams2blackboardThomas Farrar82021-04-29 13:45
exams2pdf() and changing the examIDEric Lin12021-04-27 15:17
adding point worth for problem in exams2pdf()Eric Lin32021-04-26 21:21
adding preamble latex stuff for formatting tablesEric Lin22021-04-25 16:04
complex problems in finance and accountingEric Lin22021-04-25 16:03
pdf templateEric Lin22021-04-25 16:02
Interactive pdfKaveh Allahdin22021-04-21 21:14
Customizing the question title for Moodle in exams2moodleWalter Garcia-Fontes32021-04-17 16:06
import questions from learnr?Debbie Yuster102021-04-16 00:35
Equal width in cloze questions?Victoria Fasano22021-04-15 11:34
\frac within an ifelse?Victoria Fasano22021-04-10 12:12
How to include special character and pipe operator in answers for exams2moodle?Andre Beinrucker62021-04-06 15:38
Image and latex equation side by side Rushad Faridi32021-04-02 17:14
get random sublist questions from a listKaveh Allahdin22021-03-21 21:57
exams2testvision() and inline CSV namingGertjan Verhoeven12021-03-20 16:25
exams2nops() question on different nsampEric Lin12021-03-18 10:34
exam2nops() answer keyEric Lin32021-03-16 16:37
exams2r / exams2shinySigbert Klinke42021-03-16 10:34
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