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exams2blackboard pools and scoresAndrea Tarelli315 hours ago
Latex math in exams2moodleMarkus Loecher31 day ago
exams2qti21: problem when including graphicsMarcos Marvá36 days ago
Alignment of RTL languagesFaisal Almalki71 week ago
Creation of pdf filesEric Rexstad132013-02-12 13:37
evaluate latex from variableFilip Dechterenko22 weeks ago
Create an exam from files located in different foldersFaisal Almalki43 weeks ago
Numerical result + unit of measureMarcelo Cardinali13 weeks ago
How to replace "Family Name ", "Given Name" and "Signature" by other strings? Ulrich Küsters22020-06-15 18:12
how to set different tollerances for different num solutions in cloze exercizeEnea Bongiorno22020-06-11 13:13
Changing or getting rid of the date in exams2nopsChristoph Spörlein12020-06-10 12:58
How to put explanatory text between two questionsUlrich Küsters12020-06-08 15:17
How to insert a pagebreak before a new question?Ulrich Küsters22020-06-08 14:05
R `exams` package using radio button instead of dropdown within MoodleJorge Sinval52020-06-07 19:34
Cannot generate the registration number using nops_scanUlrich Küsters32020-06-07 18:18
How to increase the number of alternatives in multiple choice questions beyond 5Ulrich Küsters12020-06-05 11:30
MathJax Script Not Showing After Export into BlackBoardSean Quallen202020-05-22 01:03
How to assign different point to the questions in a clozeBeatriz Lacruz12020-05-20 11:40
Solution feedbacksSergio Venturini12020-05-18 18:37
math mode in R-examsDieuwke Hupkes92020-05-15 06:32
Using the shuffle argument in exams2blackboard()Sergio Venturini12020-05-14 21:01
Annotate image using include_tikz() functionHerman .62020-05-12 12:34
Import of testbanks/questions from QTI or any other LMS format into R/exams?A S32020-05-08 21:04
Translate true/false option to another languajeBeatriz Lacruz22020-05-08 10:13
Subindex in MoodleBeatriz Lacruz32020-05-07 19:35
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