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Multiple tests - random questions order Vaclav Friedrich32 weeks ago
embedding a variable in a text expression in multiple choice responsesEric Lin12 weeks ago
nops_scan inaccuraciesRod Alence33 weeks ago
STACK question typeRebecca Killick12019-03-20 01:37
Moodle: Multiple Questions, 1 random data set?Rebecca Killick32019-03-19 22:26
nops_scan not working in MacOS when trying to read pdf'sEduardo GP22019-03-08 23:40
Erratic reading of scans with nops_scanEduardo GP32019-03-08 23:00
Using rexams for BrightspaceJoris Meys62019-03-01 01:31
Dynamic exams with png's - questions do not fit png'sNicolai Berk32019-02-28 14:11
free text response in exam2nopsEric Lin12019-02-18 23:29
Number of true/false alternatives in mchoiceFernando Mayer62019-02-16 00:05
Canvas quizzes "The importer couldn't determine the correct answers.. "Joseph Retzer102019-02-15 15:21
problem enumerating questionsMarcos Marvá72019-02-15 12:02
nops_scan fail to create zip filesJoão Maroco32019-02-07 10:18
Equations in moodle: browser dependence of MathML / MathJax default?Ulrike Grömping72019-01-28 01:42
Define registration ID to 5 digitsJorge Sinval52019-01-18 20:33
Warning message in multiple choice taskShravan Vasishth32019-01-13 06:37
nops_eval: Error in x[seq(round(rb * d[1L]), d[1L]) ... Jonathan Jupke32018-12-25 22:06
Question for Achimmichael schulte12018-12-24 14:18
exams2nops - with and without the string questionsEric Lin12018-12-15 00:12
Error in array(x, c(length(x), 1L), if (!is.null(names(x))) list(names(x), : 'daSean Wells22018-12-09 15:04
Error due to group sizes in exams2nopsNathaniel Graham32018-12-06 23:30
Fractional negative percentages do not work in Moodle schoice questions?Ulrike Grömping32018-12-06 08:15
exams2nops() solutions for the various copiesThomas Dellinger32018-12-04 20:38
exams2pdf show points for each question?florian oswald12018-11-24 21:09
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