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Posted by: Marco J. Maier
Date: 2012-04-03 14:56
Summary: DirichletReg 0.4-0 on R-Forge
Project: DirichletReg - Dirichlet Regression


a new version is out and there have been quite a lot of changes. some new features are:

- the data structure of objects generated by DR_data() has been changed. it is no longer a list, but now a numeric matrix of class "DirichletRegData" with lots of attributes. this permits you to store the processed data in the original data.frame to keep your workspace tidy, e.g.,
> ArcticLake$Y <- DR_data(ArcticLake[, 1:3])
so you can fit a model like:
> DirichReg(Y ~ depth, ArcticLake)
note that `free floating' dependent variables (i.e., not part of the data.frame) can also be used, as in prior versions.

- formula processing is now handled by the package `Formula' which is much more robust than my `homemade' routines in earlier versions and has the advantage that

- there is an update() method for Dirichlet regression models. so if you fit a model like
> res1 <- DirichReg(Y ~ depth + I(depth^2), ArcticLake)
you can easily omit, e.g., the quadratic term for `sand' by typing
> res2 <- update(res1, . ~ . -I(depth^2))
instead of having to specify a completely new model like
> DirichReg(Y ~ depth | depth + I(depth^2) | depth + I(depth^2), ArcticLake)
therefore, model selection is made a lot easier.

- i did my best to complete the documentation which was a little fragmentary for some topics.

- optimization settings have been tweaked and estimation is now both, faster, and more robust.

- the package is now, by default, byte-compiled and therefore even faster.

- some new methods for the class "DirichletRegModel" have been implemented.

- DirichReg() has a couple of useful new features (subset, weights, etc.).

- lots more ... please consult the documentation and have a look at the examples.

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