Forum: homals 0.9-0 on CRAN

Posted by: Patrick Mair
Date: 2007-10-26 18:36
Summary:homals 0.9-0 on CRAN

This package implements the methods discussed in Gifi, Nonlinear Multivariate
Analysis, Wiley, 1990. In the Gifi terminology it covers homals, princals,
canals, morals, criminals, and overals. The R implementation fills several
gaps in Gifi, adding multiple ordinal, numerical, and polynomial data
transformations. Differences with previous CRAN version:

a. More R-like with S3 classes, namespace, print, plot, plot3d, summary, predict methods

b. (Much) better documented functions and data sets

c. Dynamic three-d plot using rgl

d. Static three-d plot using scatterplot3d

e. Predict method that counts "correct" classifications

f. Many bugs fixed

A paper describing the technique and implementation, with many examples,
is almost ready. There is a preprint at project has not yet categorized itself in the Trove Software Map

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