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THIS FORUM HAS BEEN DEPRECATED; READ THIS!Richard Morey02015-08-14 18:38
anovaBF with mixed ANOVAMelvin Yap12015-08-13 22:48
anovaBF examplesRobert Udale32015-08-13 22:45
Getting error message when running examples from the manualRobert Udale22015-05-11 15:33
anovaBF - "Nonfactors are specified as random"Mary Diggs22015-05-03 08:16
Extracting _Just_ Bayes FactorJohn Clevenger12015-04-27 13:59
Error - Nonfactors are specified as randomMary Diggs02015-04-19 23:08
posterior distribution plot for the effect size with meta.ttestBFRei Monden22015-03-20 19:42
Factor vs dummy coding - different BFsMarcel Falkiewicz12015-03-20 15:40
Polynomial regressionJohann Kleinbub22014-09-10 23:28
Interpretation of sig2 and g in summary.BFSantiago Beguería12014-09-10 23:16
Interpretation of error varianceSantiago Beguería02014-07-22 06:29
Multiple random effectsChris Street22014-05-11 12:19
Some questions regarding the usage of the anovaBF functionVincent Laflamme22013-07-18 09:26
Multi-way ANOVAMathew McLean102013-06-22 13:08
Welcome to HelpStefan Theussl02009-09-29 14:49
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