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Ecdat log file (build_win64)

Tue Sep 04 01:36:13 2018: Building binary for package Ecdat (SVN revision 403)
using R version 3.5.1 Patched (2018-08-25 r75186) ...

* installing to library 'R:/lib/local/3.5'
* installing *source* package 'Ecdat' ...
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package 'Ecdat'
    finding HTML links ... done
    Accident                                html  
    AccountantsAuditorsPct                  html  
    Airline                                 html  
    Airq                                    html  
    Benefits                                html  
    Bids                                    html  
    BudgetFood                              html  
    BudgetItaly                             html  
    BudgetUK                                html  
    Bwages                                  html  
    CPSch3                                  html  
    CRANpackages                            html  
    CRSPday                                 html  
    CRSPmon                                 html  
    Capm                                    html  
    Car                                     html  
    Caschool                                html  
    Catsup                                  html  
    Cigar                                   html  
    Cigarette                               html  
    Clothing                                html  
    Computers                               html  
    Consumption                             html  
    Cracker                                 html  
    Crime                                   html  
    DM                                      html  
    Diamond                                 html  
    Doctor                                  html  
    DoctorAUS                               html  
    DoctorContacts                          html  
    Earnings                                html  
    Electricity                             html  
    Fair                                    html  
    Fatality                                html  
    FinancialCrisisFiles                    html  
    Fishing                                 html  
    Forward                                 html  
    FriendFoe                               html  
    Garch                                   html  
    Gasoline                                html  
    Griliches                               html  
    Grunfeld                                html  
    HC                                      html  
    HHSCyberSecurityBreaches                html  
    HI                                      html  
    Heating                                 html  
    Hedonic                                 html  
    Hmda                                    html  
    Housing                                 html  
    Hstarts                                 html  
    Icecream                                html  
    IncomeUK                                html  
    Index.Econometrics                      html  
    Index.Economics                         html  
    Index.Observations                      html  
    Index.Source                            html  
    Index.Time.Series                       html  
    Irates                                  html  
    Journals                                html  
    Kakadu                                  html  
    Ketchup                                 html  
    Klein                                   html  
    LT                                      html  
    LaborSupply                             html  
    Labour                                  html  
    Longley                                 html  
    MCAS                                    html  
    MW                                      html  
    Macrodat                                html  
    Males                                   html  
    ManufCost                               html  
    Mathlevel                               html  
    MedExp                                  html  
    Metal                                   html  
    Mishkin                                 html  
    Mode                                    html  
    ModeChoice                              html  
    Mofa                                    html  
    Money                                   html  
    MoneyUS                                 html  
    Mpyr                                    html  
    Mroz                                    html  
    MunExp                                  html  
    NaturalPark                             html  
    Nerlove                                 html  
    OFP                                     html  
    Oil                                     html  
    Orange                                  html  
    PE                                      html  
    PPP                                     html  
    PSID                                    html  
    Participation                           html  
    PatentsHGH                              html  
    PatentsRD                               html  
    Pound                                   html  
    Pricing                                 html  
    Produc                                  html  
    RetSchool                               html  
    SP500                                   html  
    Schooling                               html  
    Solow                                   html  
    Somerville                              html  
    Star                                    html  
    Strike                                  html  
    StrikeDur                               html  
    StrikeNb                                html  
    SumHes                                  html  
    Tbrate                                  html  
    Tobacco                                 html  
    Train                                   html  
    TranspEq                                html  
    Treatment                               html  
    Tuna                                    html  
    USFinanceIndustry                       html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    USGDPpresidents                         html  
    USclassifiedDocuments                   html  
    USstateAbbreviations                    html  
    UStaxWords                              html  
    UnempDur                                html  
    Unemployment                            html  
    University                              html  
    VietNamH                                html  
    VietNamI                                html  
    Wages                                   html  
    Wages1                                  html  
    Workinghours                            html  
    Yen                                     html  
    Yogurt                                  html  
    bankingCrises                           html  
    breaches                                html  
    incomeInequality                        html  
    nonEnglishNames                         html  
    politicalKnowledge                      html  
    terrorism                               html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded
*** arch - i386
*** arch - x64
* MD5 sums
packaged installation of 'Ecdat' as
* DONE (Ecdat)
Run time: 21.08 seconds.
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