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1675Error in Extract from Polygon in Cluster Mode* 2011-11-29 13:36NobodyJulian Zeidler
1973NA value not detected* 2012-05-04 18:44NobodyNeil Best
2304plot raster is incompatible with devices using layout* 2012-10-09 22:45NobodyColin Rundel
2656Error in getData("SRTM") on Linux* 2013-04-02 09:02NobodyStefan Schlaffer
5032problem plotting raster with colortable* 2013-10-31 01:57NobodyPatrick Brown
6184writeRaster returning nodatavalue = NA conflicts with single layer subsetting by "[["* 2015-09-04 12:08NobodyBenjamin Leutner
6276in Win Devel 3.3.0 cannot make raster from matrix, Windows 7 64 bit* 2016-01-06 22:28NobodyEliot McIntire
6474raster::colSums gives false results when canProcessInMemory(x) = FALSE* 2016-10-17 13:30NobodyPeter Kullberg
6482Performance issue with rgdal* 2016-12-10 11:35NobodyHyungsuk Yoon
6496Error when running zonal with sd on disk* 2017-03-21 18:00NobodyMatt Biber
6507Aggregate 3D results in "Error in v[start:end, ] : subscript out of bounds "* 2017-04-27 21:21NobodyMatt Burton-Kelly
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