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<html><head><title>R: Reasons for Taking First Postdoctoral Appointment</title>


<table width="100%" summary="page for postdoc {latticeExtra}"><tr><td>postdoc {latticeExtra}</td><td align="right">R Documentation</td></tr></table>

<h2> Reasons for Taking First Postdoctoral Appointment </h2>


<p>Reasons for Taking First Postdoctoral Appointment, by Field of
Doctrate, 1997




<p>The data set is avaliable as a two-way table of counts.  


<p>Survey of Doctorate Recipients, 1997


<p>Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers:
A Guide for Postdoctoral Scholars, Advisers, Institutions, Funding
Organizations, and Disciplinary Societies
<p><a href=""></a>


barchart(prop.table(postdoc, margin = 1),
         auto.key = TRUE, xlab = "Proportion")

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