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<html><head><title>R: Miscellanous panel utilities for three dimensional Trellis Displays</title>


<table width="100%" summary="page for panel.3dmisc {latticeExtra}"><tr><td>panel.3dmisc {latticeExtra}</td><td align="right">R Documentation</td></tr></table>

<h2>Miscellanous panel utilities for three dimensional Trellis Displays</h2>


Miscellanous panel functions for use with  three dimensional Lattice
functions such as cloud and wireframe



panel.3dbars(x, y, z,
             rot.mat = diag(4), distance,
             xbase = 1, ybase = 1,
             xlim, xlim.scaled,
             ylim, ylim.scaled,
             zlim, zlim.scaled,
             col = "black",
             lty = 1, lwd = 1,
             col.facet = "white",
             alpha.facet = 1)

panel.3dpolygon(x, y, z, rot.mat = diag(4), distance,
                col = "white",
                border = "black",
                font, fontface,

panel.3dtext(x, y, z, labels = seq_along(x),
             rot.mat = diag(4), distance, ...)



<table summary="R argblock">
<tr valign="top"><td><code>x, y, z</code></td>

data to be plotted
<tr valign="top"><td><code>rot.mat, distance</code></td>

arguments controlling projection
<tr valign="top"><td><code>labels</code></td>
 character or expression vectors to be uses as labels </td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td><code>xlim, ylim, zlim</code></td>

limits in the original scale
<tr valign="top"><td><code>xlim.scaled, ylim.scaled, zlim.scaled</code></td>

limits after scaling
<tr valign="top"><td><code>zero.scaled</code></td>

the value of z = 0 after scaling
<tr valign="top"><td><code>xbase, ybase</code></td>

length of the sides of the bars (which are always centered on the
<code>x</code> and <code>y</code> values).  Can not be vectorized.
<tr valign="top"><td><code>col, lty, lwd, alpha, border</code></td>
 graphical parameters </td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td><code>font, fontface</code></td>
 unused graphical parameters, present in the
argument list only so that they can be captured and ignored  </td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td><code>col.facet, alpha.facet</code></td>
 graphical parameters for sides of the
<tr valign="top"><td><code>...</code></td>

extra arguments, passed on as appropriate.


<code>panel.3dbars</code> and <code>panel.3dpolygon</code> are both suitable for
use as (components of) the <code></code> argument of
<code></code>.  The first one produces three dimensional bars,
and the second one draws three dimensional polygons.


<p> Deepayan Sarkar <a href=""></a></p>

<h3>See Also</h3>





cloud(VADeaths, = panel.3dbars,
      col.facet = "grey", xbase = 0.4, ybase = 0.4,
      screen = list(z = 40, x = -30))

cloud(as.table(prop.table(Titanic, margin = 1:3)[,,,2]),
      type = c("p", "h"),
      zlab = "Proportion\nSurvived", = panel.3dbars,
      xbase = 0.4, ybase = 0.4,
      aspect = c(1, 0.3),
      scales = list(distance = 2),
      panel.aspect = 0.5)


<div align="center">[Package <em>latticeExtra</em> version 0.6-12 <a href="00Index.html">Index</a>]</div>
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