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revision 164, Sat Jul 31 11:34:36 2010 UTC revision 165, Sun Aug 1 12:55:44 2010 UTC
# Line 23  Line 23 
23  <pre>  <pre>
24  layer(..., data, magicdots, exclude,  layer(..., data, magicdots, exclude,
25        packets, rows, columns, groups,        packets, rows, columns, groups,
26        style, force, theme, under, superpose,        style, force, theme, under, superpose)
       eval, etc) ## these 2 deprecated  
28  layer_(...)  layer_(...)
29  glayer(...)  glayer(...)
# Line 129  Line 128 
128  <code>panel.superpose</code>. This defaults to <code>TRUE</code> in the  <code>panel.superpose</code>. This defaults to <code>TRUE</code> in the
129  convenience functions <code>glayer()</code> and <code>glayer_()</code>.  convenience functions <code>glayer()</code> and <code>glayer_()</code>.
130  </td></tr>  </td></tr>
 <tr valign="top"><td><code>eval, etc</code></td>  
 These two arguments are now Deprecated and should not be used in new  
 code. Rather than using <code>eval</code>, use <code>data</code>. It is not  
 necessary to use <code>etc</code> because that happens automatically with  
 if <code>eval = TRUE</code>, arguments given in the layer code will be  
 evaluated  immediately (in the calling environment).  
 If <code>etc = TRUE</code> then all remaining (un-named) panel function  
 arguments are added on to the call. If <code>etc</code> is a character  
 vector then only those named arguments are passed through.  
131  <tr valign="top"><td><code>object</code></td>  <tr valign="top"><td><code>object</code></td>
132  <td>  <td>
133   a trellis object. </td></tr>   a trellis object. </td></tr>

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