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<html><head><title>R: Modal ancestry by County according to US 2000 Census</title>


<table width="100%" summary="page for ancestry {latticeExtra}"><tr><td>ancestry {latticeExtra}</td><td align="right">R Documentation</td></tr></table>

<h2>Modal ancestry by County according to US 2000 Census</h2>


This data set records the population and the three most frequently
reported ancestries by US county, according to the 2000 census.




A data frame with 3219 observations on the following 5 variables.

<dt><code>county</code></dt><dd> A factor. An attempt has been made to make the
levels look similar to the county names used in the <code>maps</code>
package.  </dd>
<dt><code>population</code></dt><dd>a numeric vector</dd>
<dt><code>top</code></dt><dd>a character vector</dd>
<dt><code>second</code></dt><dd>a character vector</dd>
<dt><code>third</code></dt><dd>a character vector</dd>



U.S. Census Bureau.  The ancestry data were extracted from Summary
File 3:
<a href=""></a>
which is based on the &lsquo;long form&rsquo; questionnaire (asked to 1 in
6 households surveyed).


<a href=""></a>

<h3>See Also</h3>

<code><a href="#mapplot">mapplot</a></code>, for examples.

<div align="center">[Package <em>latticeExtra</em> version 0.6-12 <a href="00Index.html">Index</a>]</div>
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