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<html><head><title>R: Daily Rainfall and Temperature at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport</title>


<table width="100%" summary="page for SeatacWeather {latticeExtra}"><tr><td>SeatacWeather {latticeExtra}</td><td align="right">R Documentation</td></tr></table>

<h2>Daily Rainfall and Temperature at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport</h2>


Daily Rainfall and Temperature at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport between 
January through March of 2007.




A data frame with 90 observations on the following 14 variables.

<dt><code>month</code></dt><dd>a factor with levels <code>January</code>,
<code>February</code>, and <code>March</code></dd>
<dt><code>day</code></dt><dd> day of the month </dd>
<dt><code>year</code></dt><dd> year, all 2007 </dd>
<dt><code>max.temp</code></dt><dd> maximum temperature (Fahrenheit) </dd>
<dt><code>record.max</code></dt><dd> record maximum temperature </dd>
<dt><code>normal.max</code></dt><dd> normal maximum temperature </dd>
<dt><code>min.temp</code></dt><dd> minimum temperature </dd>
<dt><code>record.min</code></dt><dd> record minimum temperature </dd>
<dt><code>normal.min</code></dt><dd> normal minimum temperature </dd>
<dt><code>precip</code></dt><dd> precipitation (inches) </dd>
<dt><code>record.precip</code></dt><dd> record precipitation </dd>
<dt><code>normal.precip</code></dt><dd> normal precipitation </dd>
<dt><code>time.max</code></dt><dd> time of maximum temperature </dd>
<dt><code>time.min</code></dt><dd> time of minimum temperature </dd>



The time of minimum and maximum temperatures should be interpreted as
follows: the least two significant digits denote minutes (out of 60)
and the next two significant digits denote hout (out of 24).


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