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Toby Dylan Hocking
Insitut Curie, INSERM U900, INRIA-Sierra

Recent advances in direct labeled graphics

The directlabels package provides functions for labeling multicolored
plots using direct labels, which are often much easier to read than a
legend. I will discuss new optimization-based methods for direct
labeling common plots, and how to customize direct label appearance
for everyday statistical graphics.

Développement récents dans l'annotation direct des graphiques

Le package directlabels propose des fonctions pour l'annotation direct
des graphiques multicolores, ce qui est souvent plus facile à lire
qu'une légende. Je discuterai des nouvelles méthodes d'annotation
basées sur l'optimisation, et comment customiser l'apparence des
annotations dans les graphiques quotidiens.

The lattice and ggplot2 packages make it easy to draw 2D plots where
data variables are encoded using spatial position and color. But the
default legends are sometimes confusing since they are drawn using
only the color information, ignoring the spatial position of each
colored group. The directlabels package provides functions that draw
direct labels, which exploit the spatial position of each colored
group, thus facilitating intuitive labeling of everyday statistical
graphics. I will discuss how to add direct labels to common plots, and
how to
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