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Fri Jul 31 09:56:58 2009 UTC (10 years ago) by tdhock
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author tag, switch statement, more comments
What the package does (short line)
~~ package title ~~
More about what it does (maybe more than one line)
~~ A concise (1-5 lines) description of the package ~~
Package: \tab inlinedocs\cr
Type: \tab Package\cr
Version: \tab 1.0\cr
Date: \tab 2009-07-31\cr
License: \tab What license is it under?\cr
LazyLoad: \tab yes\cr
~~ An overview of how to use the package, including the most important ~~
~~ functions ~~
Who wrote it

Maintainer: Who to complain to <>
~~ The author and/or maintainer of the package ~~
~~ Literature or other references for background information ~~
\keyword{ package }
~~ Optional links to other man pages, e.g. ~~
~~ \code{\link[<pkg>:<pkg>-package]{<pkg>}} ~~
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