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Wed Mar 9 16:37:25 2011 UTC (8 years, 5 months ago) by kmpont
File size: 913 byte(s)
Fix parser to avoid breaking when processing inlinedocs source. (Problem
was redefinition of class DocLink into inlinedocs environment, where it
already existed).

First attempt at adding sections and thoughts to JSS article

silly.example.R now includes some R.oo class and method declarations to
test that aspect; the previous "detect the first ." approach has been
erased in favour of the better method now extracted as a separate
"leadingS3generic" function.

\title{Convert inline comments to documentation}
\description{Generates Rd files from R source code with comments, providing for quick, sustainable package development. The syntax keeps code and documentation close together, and is inspired by the Don't Repeat Yourself principle.}
\tabular{ll}{Package: \tab inlinedocs\cr
Title: \tab Convert inline comments to documentation\cr
Type: \tab Package\cr
Version: \tab 1.5.1\cr
Date: \tab 2011-03-09\cr
Author: \tab Inlinedocs development team\cr
Maintainer: \tab Inlinedocs development team <>\cr
URL: \tab\cr
Depends: \tab methods, utils\cr
License: \tab GPL-3\cr
LazyLoad: \tab yes\cr}
\author{Inlinedocs development team <>}

\keyword{ package }
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