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Diff of /pkg/inlinedocs/man/inlinedocs-package.Rd

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revision 125, Thu Sep 16 09:34:38 2010 UTC revision 140, Tue Oct 19 23:24:01 2010 UTC
# Line 7  Line 7 
7  \tabular{ll}{Package: \tab inlinedocs\cr  \tabular{ll}{Package: \tab inlinedocs\cr
8  Title: \tab Convert inline comments to documentation\cr  Title: \tab Convert inline comments to documentation\cr
9  Type: \tab Package\cr  Type: \tab Package\cr
10  Version: \tab 1.3\cr  Version: \tab 1.4\cr
11  Date: \tab 2010-05-25\cr  Date: \tab 2010-10-20\cr
12  Author: \tab Inlinedocs development team\cr  Author: \tab Inlinedocs development team\cr
13  Maintainer: \tab Inlinedocs development team <>\cr  Maintainer: \tab Inlinedocs development team <>\cr
14  URL: \tab\cr  URL: \tab\cr

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