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Thu Apr 22 10:11:18 2010 UTC (9 years, 4 months ago) by kmpont
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Further fixes for S3 methods declared with setMethodS3

1) automatically generates \method{}{} markup which should be correct if
and only if the generic name is everything up to but not including the
first period in the function name. Thus this will not work properly if a
generic function has a name like "my.generic" so that the specific function
is "my.generic.my_type".

2) fix for behaviour of package.skeleton, which, as used within this
package, for a function "[[.Distribution" generates a file with name

3) prints S3method calls suitable for inclusion in a NAMESPACE file

The mechanism depends on the parse of the source file picking up and
setting the "created" field to "setMethodS3". Something similar might work
for other ways of creating S3 generics, but I am not currently clear how to
pick those up reliably.
\title{S4 class inline documentation}
\description{Using the same conventions as for functions, definitions of S4 classes
in the form \code{setClass("classname",\dots)} are also located and
scanned for inline comments.}
\details{Extraction of S4 class documentation is currently limited to expressions
within the source code which have first line starting with
\code{setClass("classname"}. These are located from the source file
(allowing also for white space around the \code{setClass} and ).
Note that \code{"classname"} must be a quoted character string;
expressions returning such a string are not matched.

For class definitions, the slots (elements of the
\code{representation} list) fill the role of function
arguments, so may be documented by  comments on
the same line or  comments at the beginning of the
following line.

The class definition skeleton includes an \code{Objects from the Class}
section, to which any \code{##details<<} documentation chunks are
written. It is given a vanilla content if there are no specific
\code{##details<<} documentation chunks.}

\author{Toby Dylan Hocking <>, Keith Ponting <>}
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