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Index of /pkg/R

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c.trellis.R  128  9 years  felix  improve panel.xblocks(); deprecate layer(eval=)
custom.theme.R  80  9 years  felix  examples for custom.theme(), custom.theme.2()
data.frame.R  2  10 years  deepayan  initial package import (without svn history)
dendrogramGrob.R  2  10 years  deepayan  initial package import (without svn history)
doubleYScale.R  107  9 years  felix  fix up trellis $call; etc
ecdfplot.R  127  9 years  deepayan  ecdfplot() update to fix flowViz problem
gplot.R  2  10 years  deepayan  initial package import (without svn history)
horizonplot.R  115  9 years  felix  v0.6-6 release; simpleSmoothTs (for panel.tskernel)
layer.R  141  9 years  felix  panel.key(); new 'update' argument for layer()
mapplot.R  142  9 years  felix  allow partial region matching in mapplot.
marginal.plot.R  107  9 years  felix  fix up trellis $call; etc
panel.2dsmoother.R  126  9 years  felix  minor fixes / improvements
panel.3dmisc.R  31  10 years  deepayan  bugfix
panel.key.R  141  9 years  felix  panel.key(); new 'update' argument for layer()
panel.lmlineq.R  36  10 years  felix  'col' args for panel.ablineq
panel.qqmath.tails.R  136  9 years  felix  prepare for CRAN release
panel.quantile.R  126  9 years  felix  minor fixes / improvements
panel.scaleArrow.R  97  9 years  felix  panel.scaleArrow
panel.smoother.R  126  9 years  felix  minor fixes / improvements
panel.tskernel.R  130  9 years  felix  argument 'n' for panel.tskernel; handle NAs in panel.xyarea
panel.xblocks.R  139  9 years  felix  improve zoo methods
panel.xyarea.R  139  9 years  felix  improve zoo methods
rootogram.R  107  9 years  felix  fix up trellis $call; etc
scale.components.R  140  9 years  felix  various xscale/yscale.components functions
segplot.R  117  9 years  deepayan  support arrows with panel.segplot
simpleSmoothTs.R  136  9 years  felix  prepare for CRAN release
theeconomist.R  83  9 years  felix  tweaking examples
tileplot.R  107  9 years  felix  fix up trellis $call; etc
timeseries.R  134  9 years  felix  rebuild website, with INDEX and xyplot.stl
utilities.R  47  9 years  deepayan  bugfix: honor strip.lines in useOuterStrips when as.table=FALSE (reported by Ben...
zzz.R  2  10 years  deepayan  initial package import (without svn history)
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