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Fri Jan 1 11:17:13 2016 UTC (3 years, 1 month ago) by deepayan
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cleanup based on feedback from R CMD check
Package: latticeExtra
Version: 0.6-27
Date: 2015-12-30
Title: Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice
Author: Deepayan Sarkar <>, Felix Andrews <>
Maintainer: Deepayan Sarkar <>
Description: Building on the infrastructure provided by the lattice
	     package, this package provides several new high-level
	     functions and methods, as well as additional utilities
	     such as panel and axis annotation functions.
Depends: R (>= 2.10.0), lattice, RColorBrewer
Imports: grid, stats, utils, grDevices
Suggests: maps, mapproj, deldir, tripack, quantreg, zoo, MASS, mgcv
LazyLoad: yes
LazyData: yes
License: GPL (>= 2)
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