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Problem with EditNIHR function [ reply ]
By: James Hewitt on 2018-11-06 07:08

EditNIHR screengrab2.png (4) downloads
I am attempting to manually remove outliers, using the EditNIHR function. However, when the graphical window opens, the plot only occupies a small portion of the window (see attached png image). Also, clicking on the plot does not select the points: After clicking on the upper-left corner, and on the bottom-right corner of the area enclosing the points, either nothing happens, or a small, arbitrary area is selected, seemingly at random.

I have been able to change the size of the plot, so it occupies more of the graphical window, using the scale function. However, clicking on the plot still does not select the points.

I am using R version 3.5.1, and RHRV version 4.2.3.

I have three questions:

a) Has anyone encountered this issue before?
b) Does anyone know what may cause this issue?
c) Does anyone know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks to:
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