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RE: Input from Hexoskin .csv file [ reply ]
By: Constantino Antonio on 2017-10-16 08:50
Dear Matt,

Sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed the latest messages in the forum.

If you are starting with RHRV, you may find helpful our free tutorial In your tutorial you will find how to import CSV files.

However, your format does not conform any of the default formats used by RHRV. Hence, you have two options. 1) Reformat your CSV so that it becomes a single column entry with the beat positions. 2) Load the data into an R vector, and then use the vector to create a HRVData structure. I post here the second solution:

dat = read.table('/tmp/JSRRT1.csv', sep=',', header=TRUE)
hrv = CreateHRVData()
hrv = LoadBeatVector(hrv, dat$Epoch)
hrv = BuildNIHR(hrv)

Hope this helps
Kind regards

Input from Hexoskin .csv file [ reply ]
By: Matt Wilkes on 2017-08-27 13:56

JSRRT1.csv (11) downloads

I have 60 5 min .csv files, and I am looking to calculate basic HRV parameters on all of them. They are two column, the first column is an epoch with the time of the beat and the second column the RR interval. They are unprocessed, ie. RR not NN.

I know it should be obvious but I am really struggling to import the files into RHRV. I apologise if I am being dumb and would be grateful for any help.

Example file attached.

Thanks and best wishes


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