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RE: Erro in testing RR series is nonlinear - Error in : object 'timeR [ reply ]
By: Constantino Antonio on 2017-01-31 07:33

Everything seems to be fine (The test is telling you to "Accept Null hypothesis") but somehow the function it is failing when trying to plot the results. Maybe are you using some IDE (like rstudio) and you have minimized the plotting tab? If that's not the case, set the doPlot parameter to FALSE to check what happens and report the result again.

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Erro in testing RR series is nonlinear - Error in : object 'timeR [ reply ]
By: George Politis on 2017-01-17 00:31
Ι am reproducing the tutorial code and I am getting an error at the test functions.
This is my code. = SurrogateTest(, significance = 0.05, useFunction = time, tau = 4, doPlot = TRUE )

I ve also tried unsuccessfully = SurrogateTest( , significance = 0.05 , useFunction = timeReversibility)

Error: = SurrogateTest(, indexNonLinearAnalysis = 1, significance = 0.05, oneSided = FALSE, K = 5, useFunction = timeAsymmetry)

Error: Null Hypothesis: Data comes from a linear stochastic process
Accept Null hypothesis
Error in : figure margins too large

Which really confused my, do you know what is causing the errors?
What is the correct SurrogateTest() parameters that I should be using?

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