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micEconAidsjie gao12 weeks ago
micEconAids - LA-AIDS model Camila Brown52019-03-28 08:47
Imposing regional monotonicity on translog stochastic production frontiers Antony Andrews32018-11-17 09:47
CES Estimation problemdoga alkan52018-03-25 07:03
joint test of compensated price elasticities - micEconAidsmiguel henry12018-03-20 22:23
Partial adjustmentShawn Kilpatrick12017-07-06 18:23
micEconAidsmiguel henry12017-06-22 18:29
Inverse Almost Ideal Demand flexibilitiesStefan Stefic32017-05-28 15:47
snqProfitEstKanchana Wickramasinghe52017-03-12 07:25
Imposing regional monotonicity - JPA paper 2009Woon Kan Yap12017-01-07 15:52
micEconSNQP Package in Rdushanthi dayananda32016-01-22 06:21
Dummy Variables in MicEconSNQPSami Ullah12015-12-04 08:08
standard errors for npscoefGrad or npscoefFleur Wouterse12015-12-04 07:42
translogEst with more than two independent variablesJorge Viana22015-07-22 19:28
Monotonicity and curvature checkJorge Viana22015-07-19 11:55
micEconSNQPDaniel Muluwork Atsbeha92015-02-27 12:36
Combination of CES and Cobb-Douglas- micEconCESEsther delesalle22015-02-27 11:05
Inverse Mills Ratio in MicEconAidsManoj Rajakaruna Mudalige12014-05-07 20:05
micEconCESLukas Recka62013-07-14 08:23
t-value vs z-value in SFATshepelayi Kabata12013-03-20 00:57
Monotonicity and curvature check Tshepelayi Kabata32013-03-19 20:54
quantityIndex with EKS transitivity transformationRob New12013-02-15 22:34
What is the meaning of Z, the demand shifter in the aidsEst function?Dan Lim-Johnson12012-05-03 22:22
RE: Prices within the AIDS modelDan Lim-Johnson12012-05-03 22:09
About LM and gridSearchzhou sixin52011-12-31 15:26
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