Forum: analogue 0.6-8 now on CRAN

Posted by: Gavin Simpson
Date: 2009-05-07 08:38
Summary: analogue 0.6-8 now on CRAN
Project: analogue - quantitative palaeoecology


A new version of analogue is now on CRAN. This release was prompted by an request from Kurt Hornik to make the CITATION file more optimal to fit in with CRAN's automated features for presenting packages to the wider world. The new version fixes the CITATION file.

As I wasn't planning on releasing just yet, I just pushed the current devel version out, which brings with it several new features and a couple of bug fixes:

Version 0.6-8:

* residLen: new function to compute squared residual length
diagnostic for passive samples in a constrained ordination. Used as
a test of whether core samples are well fitted in a transfer function

Several utility functions to compute fitted values from an ordination
and corresponding residual lengths are provided, which me be useful
for authors of other functions.

'plot' and 'hist' methods produce density plots and histograms for
'residLen' objects using base graphics.

'densityplot' and 'histogram' methods for 'residLen' objects using
Lattice graphics.

* stdError: new function to compute the weighted standard deviation of
the environment values for the k closest analogues in MAT models. This
can be used as an uncertainty measure for MAT fitted values or transfer
function predictions.

Methods are available for 'mat' and 'predict.mat'.

* predict.mat: now returns the dissimilarity matrix between the training
set samples and samples in 'newdata'.

* getK: new method for 'predict.mat'.

* CITATION: updated as per request from Kurt Hornik and CRAN.

Version 0.6-7:

* optima, tolerance: new methods to coerce objects of these classes
to data frames.

* distance: method = "kendall" was incorrectly computing the min of
the x and y components in the dissimilarity.

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